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Features | Experience of the Divinity of Bhagavan by Devotees | Group VI | Mr. S.V. Raman

Mr. S.V. Raman,

      Mr. S.V. Raman, a devotee of Bhagavan, narrates an experience of his mother of the Divinity of Bhagavan, when he was three years old accompanying her on a train journey, in his own words.

''A lady was travelling with a son aged three years and a daughter aged eight, in the Coromandel Express from Calcutta to Madras. It was in the month of May, 1980. The train stopped at Vijayawada station en route to Madras. The son pestered his mother for something to drink since he was thirsty and it was hot. The mother took the child and went to buy some tender coconuts and some magazines to read during the journey. The daughter waited in the train compartment for her mother and brother. The lady was holding a handbag in her hand. Just as she came out of the coconut vendor's shop, the train started moving, and the lady, who was now carrying the child in one arm and with a couple of magazines in the other, managed to get into a compartment.

In the confusion that occurred, the lady forgot to retrieve her handbag from the shop. As she was searching her compartment, she suddenly heard a loud clap. The Coromandel Express is one of the fastest trains in the country even today; and it gains speed within minutes after its departure, sometimes even before leaving the platform of the station, as in this case. The clap was heard from the other side of the train, the side where there are no platforms, only railway tracks. The moving train had still not left the station. The lady turned to see a fair hand holding her handbag. She rushed forward to receive it. She was so excited that she forgot to thank the person holding the bag. When she reached her seat, still in a state of excitement, it suddenly dawned on her that the clap was heard from the side of the railway station where there is no platform. When she received her handbag, the train had been in motion. In a flash she realized that Bhagavan had come to save her and her children. The handbag contained their tickets apart from money and other belongings. The ticket examiner was in the bay adjacent to the one in which the lady was travelling. Thus, Bhagavan had saved the lady and her children from the unnecessary trouble and embarrassment. The lady travelling in the train is my mother and I was the three year old child.'

-- Mr. S.V. Raman

      (Extracted from Trayee Saptamayee, the 70th Birthday Commemorative Volume Courtesy: