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The portal (website) is primarily designed to give Vedic literature in its entirety as available in India. Initially, it presents the text of ten Veda Sakhas with five of them carrying the Bhashya by Sayanacharya. Each Veda Sakha contains Samhita, Brahmanam, Aaranyakam and the Upanisads related to it, except a few Veda sakhas that are not known to have Brahmanam, Aaranyakam, Upanisads related to them. Besides the Veda sakhas, it presents Other Upanisads not forming part of the Veda-sakha texts, all the 108 Upanisads in Devanagari script, the Ayurveda texts in Sanskrit and in English and also Gandharvaveda as Upavedas, the Jyotisa texts in Sanskrit, Telugu and Hindi including Vasthu, and Nirukta as Vedangas, Brahma Sutras, Darsanas, Tantra, etc. The ten Veda sakhas and the other texts presented on the portal in Sanskrit are the following.
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The objective of this portal is primarily to enable the lovers of Veda and Sanskrit to learn, and to attain to spiritual enlightenment. An interactive facility to the visitors to the portal in the form of Vedamu Blog is in place. The visitors to the portal are welcome to seek clarifications, elaboration of the contents of the portal, offer their comments on the books of Sri K.R.Paramahamsa, etc, and make suggestions for further improvements.
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