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Managing Trustee Sri K.R.Paramahamsa IAS (Retd)

K.R.Paramahamsa IAS (Retd)
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Managing Trustee : Sri Sathya Sai Veda Pratishtan which maintains the website, a repository of all Vedic literature including Vedic chanting.
Chairman : Viswanadha Foundation that maintains several institutions including Sri Sai Viswanadha Vedavidya Peetham, Podagatlapalli, East Godavari Dt, a Centre of Higher Vedic Learning.
Author : 1. Tat Sat (Advaita Vedanta)
2. Dharma
3. Living in Spirit
4. Buddhism in Scripture and Practice
5. Philosophy of the Upanisads
6. Symbolism in Rigveda
7. Ethics in Ancient India
8. Visistadvaita – A Philosophy of Religion
9. Dvaita Vedanta – Madhva’s Vaisnava Theism
10. Ekam Sat 1
11. Ekam Sat 2
12. Ekam Sat 3
13. Ekam Sat 4
14. Ekam Sat 5
(The Books at S.Nos. 1 to 7 and 10 to 14 have been published in the US both in print and as eBooks. The two Books at S.Nos 8 and 9 have been published by the TTD. Ekam Sat 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 are a commentary series of 19 Gitas other than Bhagavad-Gita propounding Monism. All the 14 books are available on the website for View and Download in eBook format and pmd format under Vedic Literature - English)
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Trustee & Executive Director Sri R. Venkatraman Ghanapati garu
An Outstanding Vedic Scholar

Trustee Sri B. Madhava Sarma Siddhanti garu
An Outstanding Vedic Astrologer
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