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Features | Experience of the Divinity of Bhagavan by Devotees | Group VII | Ms. Chaindri Rani

Ms. Chaindri Rani,
T.C.5/147, Prasanthi,Peroorkada,
Kerala, India.

         'SAI RAM' to one and all Sai devotees & others who read this.

I would like to share our personal experiences that we had with Swami from 1967.

In the year 1967 Swami visited Trivandrum and was staying at Kanakakunnu Palace. My mother, husband, two children and I went for darshan of our Beloved Lord. At the time of darshan, Swami put his divine hand on to my mother's head and said "Anandham, Anandham". My mother's name is Anandham Amma. How does Swami know her name? After darshan Swami went upstairs. My mother and younger child wanted to see Swami personally and they went and stood in front of the stair-case, unaware of the rules.

Securities did not let them go and sent them off. Then I was ashamed and thought "That man was walking here for a long time and we saw him. What is the use of seeing again?" Truely I was unaware of Swami's divinity. The same night my younger daughter (who was studying in 1st standard) developed severe temperature. After 5 days she was admitted in Hospital. She was suffering from Typhoid! I felt that this was a punishment of Swami. After 5 days she could not talk properly, had no voice, liquid foods which she drank oozed out of her nose. After 15 days she was discharged from hospital in the same condition. The whole family of mine prayed to Swami and I apologized to Swami for my nasty thoughts. After 2 weeks of discharge she was cured from the disease and went to hospital for review. Then the Doctor said "You are lucky, God has saved her. I had least hope that she would be fully cured of her illness. Side effects of Typhoid is very difficult to cure"

After few months later criticisms about Swami appeared in daily Newspapers. After reading and believing the news our attitudes towards Swami changed and we started believing that Swami was an imposter. After 7 years later on 9th October 1974 a very miraculous thing happened to me. I was on the delivery table with severe labour pain and called out "Baba, Baba" and delivered a girl. Till now I don't understand what made me call out our Lord's name at that moment.

The incidents which occurred after a gap of 4 years strengthened our belief and drew us near to Swami permanently and strengthened our belief that BABA is GOD himself in human form. My mother used to attend Swami's bhajan once in a week near our house. She compelled us to attend the bhajans. During this period my youngest daughter was four years old, needed an operation for P.D.A. We were all very afraid and unhappy to hear the Doctor's diagnosis. We laid our hopes and prayed intently to Swami. My husband and Sri.Siddhu, the one who was conducting the house bhajan went to Puttaparthi for darshan on 10-9-1978. At the time of darshan Swami came near to my husband and Sri.Siddhu. Sri.Siddhu asked Swami "Swami what about Siva's daughter"? Swami smiled and asked him in Tamil "Aamam Parkiren" (yes, I shall see!). Swami called him for an interview and gave him blessings. My husband bought 3 lockets from Puttaparthi and one locket was worn by the child. OnOctober 1978 on the locket of Swami's head had appeared "Sai Ram" in golden letters and "OM" in Telugu. After Swami's darshan we used to attend the house bhajan regularly. One day after bhajan, my daughter told me that "The man on the photo came near me and gave milk to drink".

Next day morning she said "That man came near to me and massaged my chest."I had darshan in my dream and told "obey doctor's advice. At this time water put in Panchapathra before Swami's portrait in our house had the smell of Vibhoothi. The X-Ray films of the child also had Sweet Divine Smell. She was admitted in hospital for Surgery on October 1978. I took Swami's photo, candle and agarbathi for pooja in the hospital pay ward. I put all these things on the table and lamp burned and I sat on the floor with my child, began to sing bhajan in a very low voice. Her operation was fixed on 15-10-1978. I was crying while singing bhajan. A creaking sound of the door of the room was heard 3 times at frequent intervals. The door was steady; there wasno other movements, not even wind. Then I felt a peace of mind because Swami is with me for safeguarding my child.

On 15-10-1978 morning preparation started for the operation. She was taken on trolly to the operation theatre. When she saw the operation theatre, equipments, lights and strangers wearing their uniforms, she was not at all afraid. The Doctor said that ''She is the older than all others who were in the operation theatre". She was very pleasant, quite, and happy. After the operation they put her in ventilator. We could see her through the glass window of the room. After a few hours she recognized us laughed and motioned us to go away otherwise the doctor would scold us. She was very pleasant like a normal baby. She was discharged from hospital on 25-10-1978. Now she is a mother having two children.

On November 1978 we built a new house. Swami's photo was kept in a room during the construction of the building. The worker wanted us to see mosaic on the floor. He scratched some portion and enquired our opinion. I replied that the greatest engineer in the world is doing all these things. Just then a good smell came to the room. I think that Swami who accepted my opinion.

On July 1980 a white dot of vibhoothi appeared on the chest of Swami's big photo and gradually spread and half the photo was covered with vibhoothi. On the left side, vibhoothi that appeared looked like swami sitting on a chair. Under the Lord's foot we could see the footrest also.

On the first week of January 1982, on the abdomen of swami's picture a number "737" appeared. My eldest son-in-law was working in Kenya. After my eldest daughter's marriage, he went to Kenya from Trivandrum Airport. The number of Trivandrum-Bombay flight was 737. When the flight started for journey we saw the number 737 on the flight. All things mentioned in the picture as it is now-a-days.

My daughter had decided to go to Kenya alone on August, 1982. We were afraid to let her go alone to such a far place. I gave swami a telegram which read "Request for swami's blessings and help". During the time of journey from Bombay to Nairobi, airlines authorities wanted to see her passport. Next to her seat was a man also traveling to Nairobi. In the passport he saw swami's picture and shared swami's experience. She didn't even realize that she all alone. The plane reached Nairobi. She went to pick-up her luggage. What a surprise! Her two heavy bags were put aside.

On 15th June, 1984 she came back for her delivery. Before her arrival, I wrote a letter to swami on May, 1984 with a prayer "Swami please accompany her like a mother and avoid difficulties throughout her journey". Swami accepted my prayer. In Nairobi to Bombay flight a nun sat next to her and she looked after her just like a caring mother. From Bombay to Cochin her ticket was not OK. But swami's help made that matter settle too and she reached safely at 4.30P.M at Cochin.

Train time from Cochin-Trivandrum was at 12.30 P.M. We had no reservation ticket.My husband tried for reservation but we could not get one. I prayed to swami"How is it possible to travel with a pregnant girl without reservation". Sometime later an announcement was made that a special coach is being attached to the train. We got into the coach and were seated in the family room. No other passengers except the 3 of us and 2 policemen were there in the coach. One of the policemen sat right in front of the cabin we occupied! Swami gave us a fearless journey with police protection.

On 9th April 1987 my mother aged 90 years had fallen ill.She couldn't walk had dementia also. We were really worried. One day afternoon I was seated near her and prayed to swami to cure her illness. Just then smell of agarbathi spread all over our house. During the time of her illness her lips and tongue could not be moved as in the case of paralysis. I cried and prayed to Swami "My mother can't even drink water. Please help me!" My husband gave her the regular medicine (Swami's vibhoothi which was received on the 60th birthday of Bhagwan). After 5 minutes her lips and tongue were turned into the normal position. Upto 10th May she continued in the same condition.

On 10th May, 1987 she expired at 3.45 pm. She was laid in room after her bath. Before the body was taken for funeral, a reddish colour appeared on her white hair. I enquired about this incident to the doctor who treated her, a Sai devotee, just like a member of our family. I have heard that every human being has a halo covering the body. The doctor said "After death the halo would disappear" and he said" Swami has came near her for her last journey from this world. The colour of the Baba's robe reflected on to her hair". When all of us went to Swami's darshan (when my mother was alive), my mother called out to Swami "Baba, My son!" Sevadals told her not to cry out in this manner, but she wouldn't care and continued to do the same. Swami came near her, raised His holy feet so that she could touch the Lotus Feet. Swami created vibhuthi and told her in tamil "Sappidamma" (have it!). She has such great luck and blessings!

After some months of her demise, the white stone studded nose ring she wore was put in a vessel for cleaning and I laid the vessel on the table. After my household work was over, I came near the table, took the vessel and poured the whole thing into the washbasin unconsciously and later I realized what I had done. I wept the whole night and prayed to Swami "Please give me the stud. That was the most precious momento of my mother". Next day morning, on Swami's portrait (on His right nose) a white dot appeared, just like a nose ring. In this way, swami consoled me again.

On March 1989 my youngest daughter was hospitalized due to jaundice. She had vomiting so couldn't drink even water. After our mandali bhajan my husband took a jasmine flower (which was dropped from swami's picture during the time of bhajan). He thought swami has given for my child and gave it to her to eat and said 'This is the medicine swami has given you". After some time asked for water and did not vomit again.

My husband's 60th birthday was on March 3, 1993. We went to Whitefield for darshan and had sweets on a plate. Swami came near him, took sweets and threw among devotees. House warming ceremony of first floor of our house was on March 30. Swami accepted the invitation letter on the same day itself.After the ceremony inside the portrait of swami's feet in a photostand was filled with amrith (honey). The shade can still be seen in the photo.

On 26th April, 1993 during the time of our house bhajan vibhoothi appeared on the right foot of my husband (inside the hair of the leg). The next day morning we went to nagarasangeerthanam in a house in our mondali, the girl in the house saw the wibhoothi happily touched it and went to call her mother to show her. By the time vibhoothi disappeared.

My youngest daughter wore a chain with Swami's locket. On April 1999 in the locket of swami's abhaya hastha has two "8" appeared on two sides of the abhayahastha. One 8 was big and other small. Her marriage was fixed on August 1999. May be swami's decision and must have informed us before hand . Before her marriage, we went to Puttaparthi with mangalasoothra and chain, invitation letter to swami for the marriage. My daughter took these during darshan. Two days passed swami didn't even look at her. The return journey from Puttaparthi to Banglore was at 9.30am the next day. We were all very sad swami that had not granted our wishes. Next day, at 8.15am swami came near her and put his holy hand on to the ornament. Swami took the invitation letter from my husband. The happiness we felt was immeasurable.

On 1st Feb.2001 (Thursday) evening a small quantity of Vibhuthi appeared on the portrait of Swami. My husband contacted Sai devotees of our mandali over phone and told the incident. One among them replied "Sir, I had a dream on 20th (Monday) that I was sitting on a step. Swami and another man came near me and said 'I am going to the house of Sankaran". I thought "Who is this Sankaran?" Then the man who had accompanied Swami said "Swami says that He is going to the house of Sivasankaran."

In the year 2004 left side of my tongue was ulcerated. Dental Surgeon cut a piece out of it and sent it for biopsy. Biopsy result was received on 28th Feb.2005 and doctor advised me to go to RCC for further treatment. The doctor decided for a surgery. On the same night I wrote a letter to Swami with tears and prayers as "None other than Swami should do the surgery" pasted the letter and put it on to Swami's feet. Next morning after my usual prayers I took a Sanathana Sarathi and prayed to Swami 'show me something to console me" and opened the book (Sanathana Sarathi Malayalam Edition Feb 2005 Page.21). I saw a picture in which Swami was standing near a patient lying on bed with His divine hands placed on the folded hands of the latter. Some devotees could be seen near Swami. Title of the picture was "Snehathinde Sandratha"

(Means Depth of Love). My happiness and devotion were limitless. My husband heard the news from me; He also took another Sanathana Sarathy and prayed to Swami. He saw a picture (March 2005 page 3) titled as "Njaan Chikilsikkam" (means I will treat) in which Swami was blessing a baby with His right hand. The two incidents occurred before posting the letter which I wrote the day before and put it on to Swami's Lotus Feet. My fear and worry was no more. I cut out both the pictures and has kept it as safe as a treasure .When we made heartfelt prayer, Swami suddenly solved the problem and gave us courage and peace. My surgery was over on 8th March. On 3rd April we received the biopsy result. No problems were detected. Periodical check-up is still continuing.

Doctor's opinion is that I am fine. I believe that Swami had done the surgery.

.On 2006 March 22nd my second daughter was admitted for the surgery of herinia and uterus removal due to fibroid. Prior to a week of her admission in the hospital I wrote to Bhagwan about her illness and the operation. Surgery was fixed on 24th March '06.

In the pay ward I put white jasmine garland on the photo of Swami, lighted candle, and Agarbathi as usual on the night before the day of surgery.On the morning of the day of surgery the colour of flowers had changed to violet. Throughout the operation those flowers were as it is. No change could be seen. After the surgery she did not have any kind of post-operation difficulties or sufferings. We bought a computer and put Swami's picture as Desktop background. I sent "our Experiences with the Lord" to some sai devoteesof our sai family on 23rd November 2007 the day of Swami's 82nd Birth day. On 25th November, several white dots were seen on the same picture.

On 29th November 2007 (Thursday) a lady of our Sai Family had a surgery. She telephoned me and said," Aunty pray for me at the time of Samithi Bhajan". I promised her that I would pray for her not only at Samithi bhajan but also lit lamp in my house till the end of the surgery and prayed to Swami. On the day of her surgery I did my routine prayer and was reading Tapovanam Sri Sai Sathcharitham". That day when I opened the book what I saw was the title "cancer cancelled". After reading this, all of us wept out of devotion. Her surgery was over and now she is fine. We visited her after operation. She told us that before the decision of surgery was taken, her husband had gone to New Delhi on official tour. He went to a Shirdhi Baba temple to pray for her. The same day she saw a dream that a puppy had come to her bed and played with her for a long time.

She told her husband to take it away. By the time the puppy had gone away. After sometime the puppy again came near her again and played on the affected part.

-- Ms. Chaindri Rani

     (As received as attachment to email on 18.02.2008)