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Features | Experience of the Divinity of Bhagavan by Devotees | Group III | Ms. April Bailey

Ms. April Bailey USA

Ms. April Bailey, an African American from the USA, relates her experiences of the Divinity of Bhagavan in her own words in their family website

“God Lives In India” is not only the title of a song from our upcoming recording, but it is also our family’s sincere belief. Many people may wonder how an African American family who were raised Christians would come to this conclusion.

We believe that God has the ability to do anything, including appear on earth, as a human being, for the purpose of guiding and uplifting humanity.

However, how do we discern the difference between fact and fiction, truth and fraud, sincerity and hypocrisy? This becomes an extremely important task, since “holy men”, who have turned out to be no more than power and money hungry charlatans, have fooled so many people, in the past. The Bible teaches that we must have faith, that God will make the truth known to us. One might ask why do we have faith in Sai Baba and how has he shown us His divinity.

Each member of our family has experienced Sai Baba’s divinity individually and collectively. Each of us will describe how we came to know and believe in Sai Baba.

Chronologically our sister Audrey was the first to become aware of Sai Baba. However, I, April Bailey, was the first member of our family to make the divine sojourn to Prashanti Nilayam. I’ve subsequently made many trips and have had a number of wonderful and divine experiences with our Lord Sai. One, however, stands out in my mind. It is an experience, which demonstrated to me Sai Baba’s omniscience (knowledge of everything), omnipresence (being present everywhere), and His omnipotence (unlimited power).

Baba blessed our family with an interview in the summer of 1989. He, then, called me in separately the following day. During the course of the interview, He, with a wave of His hand, produced an absolutely exquisite pair of earrings replete with diamonds, pearls, and a beautiful green gem. Although, I was, and still am, enormously grateful for my blessed gift, the earrings were so beautiful that I was unable to wear them many places. Therefore, during the remainder of the year, I longed, at times, for a gift from Sai that I could wear at all times. A gift that would be a sign of His love, protection, and presence with me at all times.

During the next summer of 1990, we returned to Prashanti Nilayam and were assigned to stay in the family shed. For those who are unaware, this shed resembles a long barracks. Many families were also assigned to the same shed. One day while in the restroom area, I discovered a lovely ring adorned with an enamel picture of Baba. My first thoughts were of stories about Sai, and the miracles He performs even at distances. I was ecstatic at the thought that Swami had answered my prayer by materializing a ring for me. I tried to put it on my right ring finger and it wouldn’t fit. I then placed it on the ring finger of my left hand, where it fit though very tightly. However, I was startled out of my joyous state by a thought that suddenly crossed my mind. The thought that interrupted my flight of fancy was one that would’ve occurred to me immediately, in another place, and under different circumstances. However, in Prashanti Nilayam, we tend to, always, expect that a miracle can and will occur at any moment. In any event, the thought that began to reverberate through my mind was: “This ring was probably left here by another lady and it must be returned”. I even began to consider the fact that Swami might have materialized the ring and the owner must be in anguish over its loss. I then set out on a mission to find the rightful owner. I made announcements to my “shed mates” and waited for a response. After some time I decided to continue my search for another 3 days. However, in my continued hope for a miracle, I determined that if the owner had not come forth in that time, it might mean that the ring was intended for me.

On the third day, the rightful owner approached me and thanked me profusely. She had been desperate to find the ring, as Swami had blessed it for her. Her joy rushed into me and I was, sincerely, happy that Swami had used me for this task.

I soon forgot about the incident and continued with our daily schedule. In a few days, to our amazement, Baba called us in for an interview. When we were invited into the inner room, I started to pray that Baba would give something to my young nephew Christopher. However, as soon as the thought went through my mind, Baba turned to look at me. This was done as if he’d heard me speak the prayer, which I did not do. When He turned to me, He said, “let’s see what did I give you last time?” I said, “earrings, Baba”.

He gave me a penetrating look, waved His hand, and created a ring with a picture of His face on the enamel front. I was shocked, because I had just prayed for Him to create something for someone else.

I took the ring, as Baba continued His piercing stare. I attempted to put it on the ring finger of my right hand, and it was too small. I glanced up at Sai, unable to understand why it didn’t fit. I had always heard that when Baba materializes jewellery, it is a perfect fit. However, when my eyes met His, I only saw that same strange stare. So, I determined that it must be on the wrong finger.

I then took the ring and attempted to place it on the ring finger of my left hand. It went on though very tightly. Again, I looked up at Baba and found Him still looking at me in the same way. He then said, “it is very tight”. I agreed, but made no move to take it off. At that point, I didn’t care if my finger turned blue. I was determined to keep this precious and blessed gift.

Despite my intention, Baba softly told me, “take it off, it is too tight”. Left with no alternative, and still a bit confused by the whole episode, I began to tug at the ring. Baba, quickly, and sweetly said, “be gentle, be gentle”. So, I immediately seized upon an opportunity for which I had longed; the chance to hold His hand. Since Baba did not like the way I was removing the ring, I asked would He remove it for me. He complied, by taking my hand and gently easing the ring off, as He conversed with others in the room.

Before we left the inner room, He said, “take it (the ring) in the other room, and I will change it for you”. He also mentioned that I am a Christian. I replied, “yes Baba, I pray to you both,” not realizing, at the time, that Sai Baba and Jesus Christ are one.

Another strange episode occurred in the outer interview room. However, for the sake of brevity, I will just say that Baba simply held the ring between His two fingers, blew on it, and it changed. It was transformed, right before our eyes, into a beautiful silver-coloured ring with a golden cross on front, and the Sarvadharma-sthupa on each side.

The true significance behind the entire ring incident did not become clear to me until my departure from the interview room. As I reflected on the event and Baba’s strange look, I realized that our Lord was demonstrating His omniscience to me. He was re-enacting the moment when I found the lady’s ring. He was letting me know that He knows everything, even incidents that we forget.

It was a wonderful reminder that He knows everything because He is present in all places at all times. His penetrating looks were meant to jog my memory of the event. His ability to change the ring exhibited His power to do whatever He wills. I not only witnessed a display of Sai Baba’s divine qualities, but I also learned that every action of the Lord is meant to teach us powerful lessons.

This experience let me know that I am never alone. I am always in the presence of our Lord Sai.’

-- Ms. April Bailey

(The experiences of Ms. April Bailey are extracted from their family website on her request to .)