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Features | Experience of the Divinity of Bhagavan by Devotees | Group I | Mrs. Turaga Jaya Syamala

Mrs. Turaga Jaya Syamala
W/o Sri T.Ravindra
706, Aradhana - B
Dr. G.Ambedkar Marg
Dadar, Mumbai - 14
Tel: 022-24138014

Mrs. Turaga Jayasyamala (50), a resident of Mumbai, hails from Andhra Pradesh. She explains, in her own words, a few of her experiences.

'Though we are presently residing in Mumbai, we are Telugu-speaking. We were in Kosigi in Andhra Pradesh, in my childhood. I was about 10 years old then.

One day we were roaming on the railway platform when a train arrived and stopped. Right before me was the first class compartment. Suddenly, a person sitting in the compartment handed over to me a photograph with some fruit. The train moved on. I could not understand who he was or why he gave me those things. I took the photograph and distributed the fruit there. The photograph was that of Shirdi Sai Baba. Baba then entered into my life.

My marriage was also a miracle. It was in 1977 that I came to my native village Kaikaluru with my grand parents. Suddenly, 'Pendli chupulu' (seeing of the bride by the bridegroom - a process of bride selection) was arranged at Rajahmundry. My father was in Kosigi, while my would-be-in-laws were in Mumbai. How could it take place? Still the formality went through in the absence of my father and the in-laws to be. The result was awaited, as the bridegroom had to make up his mind and intimate to us.

In this period of suspense, I was concerned whether, in our poor state of finances, my father could afford this alliance even if they agreed. One night, Baba came into my dream, took my hand and put it in the hand of the bridegroom who came to Rajahmundry to 'see' me. The dream ended. The very next day came a letter from my would-be-in-laws confirming my 'selection'. The marriage was held in October 1977 happily due to Bhagavan's grace.

In the month of December that year, Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai came to Mumbai. My mother-in-law was a longtime devotee of Bhagavan. So she asked us to go and have darshan of Bhagavan as newly weds. That was my first darshan of Bhagavan. We also listened to His divine discourse.

In 1996, I had an ailment with edema showing up to my knees. Even the skin on my feet and legs became dark. I was admitted in the Leelavati Hospital and our Doctor advised surgery. I was praying to Bhagavan to cure me of the problem without recourse to surgery.

My brother, Sri Satyanarayana, a resident of Hyderabad, contacted Mrs. Anupama, a devotee of Bhagavan who is reputed to be 'in touch with Bhagavan on the astral plane'. She told my brother: 'Swami says that there is no need to undergo surgery. She will be all right'. She gave 40 packets of Swami's vibhuti to my brother and asked him to send them immediately to Mumbai to me. But somehow, he could not do that. Nor was I informed.

Meanwhile, one of my close relatives went to a devotee of Bhagavan at Mumbai. She gave 40 packets of vibhuti to be given to me. My relative came to us and gave me 40 packets of Swami's vibhuti and said, 'she usually gives one or two vibhuti packets. Very unusual to give so many!'

In the Hospital where I was an inpatient, one Doctor, a devotee of Bhagavan, came and examined me. He said, 'your case is a typical example of wrong diagnosis. There is no need for you to undergo surgery. Had you been treated surgically, your condition would have worsened and could have been even fatal. Swami has saved you!'

My brother in Hyderabad was not aware of all this. He again went to Mrs. Anupama, the devotee who had given him the packets of vibhuti. On seeing him, she remarked, 'Swami said that as you had not sent vibhuti to your sister, He had to make alternate arrangements to send her vibhuti'.

That day I telephoned to him and said: 'I received 40 packets of Swami's vibhuti from a devotee in Mumbai. Owing to His grace, my ailment has been diagnosed correctly, and I need no surgery.' My brother was pleasantly surprised.

I was completely cured of my ailment. The Divinity of Bhagavan has strikingly been obvious in the treatment of my ailment.'

--T. Jaya Syamala

(As narrated to Mr. B. Parvatala Rao on 16.04.2004 at the residence of Mrs. P. Bhanumati, Uppal, Secunderabad)