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Features | Experience of the Divinity of Bhagavan by Devotees | Group VI | Mrs. Tumuluru Prabha

Mrs. Tumuluru Prabha,
W/o Mr. Tumuluru Krishnamurthy,
'Anasuya', C-66, DD Colony,
Hyderabad - 500 007.

Tel: 040-2742 7083

      Mrs. Tumuluru Prabha (77), a housewife and a long-time devotee of Bhagavan, relates a few of her experiences of the Divinity of Bhagavan in her own words.

'I came to know about Shirdi Sai and Sathya Sai from some of our relatives but did not pay much attention then. In 1958, I was married to Mr. Tumuluru Krishnamurthy at Sri Satyanarayana Swami Devasthanam, Annavaram. Since then we used to visit Annavaram at least once in a year. In 1970, we came from Kolkata where my husband was working at that time, to Annavaram. From there, we went to Tirupati. Then my husband lost his purse. We borrowed money from some people whom we had known, and went to Pune. From there on 31st May 1970, we started for Shirdi and other places near Aurangabad. My husband was driving thinking that the driver seemed negligent. Near Sangamaner, a tyre came out of the wheel. Luckily, there was no accident. Replacing the affected wheel with the stephanie, we continued the journey. We negotiated a small hillock and began to descend when the tyre of the front wheel came off. The vehicle swerved to one side and became topsy-turvy. My husband escaped death, but would have hit his head against a boulder just by a few centimetres. But his right collar bone was broken. Some persons who were coming in a van behind us gave us all lift to Sangamaner and admitted us in a hospital there. That night, a cat jumped on the bandages of my husband who began to groan with pain. Then I prayed to Bhagavan and made a vow. 'Swami' I prayed to Bhagavan, 'my relatives told me about you and your previous Avatar, Shirdi Sai. But I have not cared to visit you. I take a vow that I will come to Prasanthi Nilayam as well as to Shirdi. So kindly excuse my faults' I then cut three locks of my husband's hair and tied in a new cloth as mudupu. We reached Kolkata later safely dropping our Shirdi trip.

In January 1974, we came to the South on a sight-seeing trip. When we reached Bangalore, I proposed to my husband to have darshan of Bhagavan at Brindavan, but he ruled it out. However, after covering Mysore as per our programme, we went to Brindavan on January 11 and had darshan of Bhagavan for the first time. After our return to Kolkata, I was sleeping in the afternoon when I had a dream. Swami appeared in dwarf-like stature and held my temples tightly with both His hands. I woke up. The phone was ringing. My husband was on the line saying that he had received a nasty letter from our tenants at Hyderabad. It sent his blood boiling. Later, we surmised that Swami, by squeezing my temples tight, released my husband from tension. He transferred the pressure to a glass on my husband's office table which split as a result. Swami thus saved my husband. That is the immediate benefit we received for our having darshan of Swami.

In 1980 we went to Shirdi in fulfilment of my earlier vow to visit Shirdi Sai temple there.

On June 23, 1980 Swami called us for interview at Prasanthi Nilayam. 'Swami' I prayed to Him 'pray, visit our house.' 'I will certainly come' Swami replied. After our return to Hyderabad I had a dream one night. Swami entered our house thought a window. His feet were muddy. 'Swami' I told Him in the dream, 'Your feet are muddy'. Swami went into our bedroom. He took some medicine from the shelf and administered it to children and disappeared. This was in the early hours of Gurupoornima. As the day dawned, I noticed the foot prints of Swami in mud in the bedroom. Even when the servant maid tried to clean them inadvertently, the marks have been there as if they were indelible. Swami fulfilled His promise to come to our house thus.

In the same interview 'what do you want to study?' Swami asked our son, Kumar. 'Engineering', he replied.

'Your father can't pay donation and get you a seat' Swami observed, 'study well. I will give you a seat in Engineering'. He did not get a seat in the normal course despite his studying well. But owing to Swami's grace, he got a seat in Engineering in 'pravasandhra quota' in Andhra Pradesh.

In 1988, Swami called my son 'what, Mr. Sneeze, come here.' Kumar had a problem of allergy and used to go on sneezing many times. After Swami called him thus, the problem was gone completely. He had some skin allergy near his abdomen. Swami materialised some ointment and rubbed it Himself on the affected part. The allergy disappeared and has not recurred.

We came to Prasanthi Nilayam in 1995. On October 12, Swami called us for interview. 'Tomorrow is the birthday of your husband' Swami told me, 'I will call you tomorrow'. Next day, He called us again. He materialized a ring and gave it to me. 'Put it on your husband's hand' He told me. I put it on the finger of my husband.

That year, my husband had a cardiac problem. 'You have to get angiogram done' doctors told him at the SSSIHMS, Prasanthigram, 'but we cannot do it here as you are past 60 unless Swami clears.' My husband sat with a letter. Swami took it. Then He came to me. I was worried about my husband's health. 'Your husband is there' Swami told me, 'fit as a fiddle.' After that my husband did not bother about the angiogram. Hi has been all right.

In November 2005, we attended Swami's 80th Birthday celebrations. Swami came to me and said 'Prabha! How are you?'

In May 1995, Swami came to me as I sat in darshan line. 'You want a baby?' He asked. All ladies by my side laughed thinking it was a joke as they thought I was a woman past 65. He materialized vibhuti and gave me. I understood that Swami was blessing me with a grandchild. Soon my daughter-in-law was in family way. We came again to Prasanthi Nilayam with our daughter-in-law. Swami materialized vibhuti and gave my daughter-in-law. Just before delivery, doctors noticed that the child in the womb turned cross. Surgery was indicated. My daughter-in-law's blood group is A Negative. There was no stock of blood of that group in the hospital where she was admitted. It was also difficult to secure from outside. My daughter-in-law took a pinch of vibhuti Swami had given her. Soon she had a natural delivery blessed with a son, Sai Varun on May 8, 1997.

These experiences are only by way of illustration of His love and compassion showered on us, not at all exhaustive.'

-- Mrs. Tumuluru Prabha

   (As narrated to Mr. B. Parvatala Rao at Prasanthi Nilayam on 01.03.2006)