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Features | Experience of the Divinity of Bhagavan by Devotees | Group VI | Mrs. Lavanya Kumari

Mrs. Lavanya Kumari,
24/3, Maruti Manor,
Kanakapura Road, Basavannagudi,

Tel: 080-2657 6418

      Mrs. Lavanya Kumari (45), a housewife, relates a few of her experiences of the Divinity of Bhagavan in her own words.

'I am fortunate to have been from a family where my parents and grandparents were devotees of Bhagavan. I have been lucky in coming to Prasanthi Nilayam ever since my birth. My grandmother used to say that Swami had asked me to dance when I was 4 years old. As I was dancing along with my cousins, Mother Iswaramma remarked 'see, Swami! That child! With her tommy! A bony baby, isn't it?' Swami replied 'ssh! Don't talk like that. She may get the impact of evil eye.' Of course, it was all in a jest.

Swami materialized lockets and gave all of us each one. It has 'Aum' on one side and Swami's bust on the other.

Since my childhood I was yearning to become a student of Bhagavan's college at Anantapur. Owing to His grace, I could get a seat in the merit list. After my degree exams were over, I came to Prasanthi Nilayam to have darshan of Bhagavan before finally leaving the campus. I sat for darshan. Swami came and sat on His throne. Bhajan was also over. When I was about to get up, I found in my lap a photograph of Bhagavan as He appeared to me a few moments back on His throne! It was, I thought, a parting gift to me from Bhagavan as I was leaving the campus.

When my parents wanted to get me married, I told them 'I will agree to any alliance only if Bhagavan approves it.' I did not submit to 'bride-seeing' except once. That day, I prayed to Bhagavan for His approval when haldi (turmeric) and kumkum emanated from Swami's photograph. I agreed to the alliance.

We all went to Bhagavan at Prasanthi Nilayam after settlement of the alliance. We waited for five days. Swami, who had called us for interview every time we had gone to Prasanthi Nilayam, did not look at us for two days. We did not know what to do. The time was short for the wedding and there was much spade work to be done at Chittoor. We were worried. Then Mr. Kutumba Rao came to us. 'Swami could not call you as the time was not auspicious' he told us, 'He wants you to wait. He will call you'. The next day Swami called us for interview. He gave me and my mother new clothes. He materialized mangalasutram for me. 'Come to me again with your husband', He told me. After the marriage, we came to Swami again. My husband had no idea of Swami. However, he came with me to have darshan of Swami. Swami called us for interview. As the mother used to tell in the good old days, Swami told me at length how I should conduct myself in my in-laws' house.

When we were blessed with daughter in 1986, we came to Prasanthi Nilayam. Swami called us for interview. He named my daughter 'Vidyullatha' and told me 'she is Vidyalatha also'. He did annaprasana for her.

Lord Anjaneya is our family deity. 'If I am blessed with a son' I thought, 'I will name him after Anjaneya'. I was blessed with a son in 1988. Swami appeared in my dream and named the boy 'Viswa Tejas'. I was happy that Swami did namakaranm to the boy, but worried about my vow to name him after Anjaneya. When I was reading Sahasranamas of Anjaneya, I found in it, to my delight, the name Viswa Tejas.

My father-in-law got a house constructed for each of his six sons in a row behind his own house and arranged housewarming ceremony on the same day. But I could not participate as I had the period one day before. I was so disappointed that I broke down and wept. Just at that time in Chittoor, Swami appeared to my brother Manohar in his dream and asked 'why is your sister weeping? Why should she weep after Swami, Swami?' My brother replied 'she is getting a new house'.

'Right' Swami told him, 'tell her that Swami is going to do Grihapravesam in her place. Why worry?' My brother woke up and phoned me about his dream. I was very happy. What more could I expect than Swami Himself entering our house on our behalf? This was in 1992.

In 2005, we came to know that Swami was performing mass upanayanams at Brindavan. By then it was too late. At that time, Swami's programme was coming on TV Sanskar Channel. 'Swami!' I prayed to Him, 'kindly include my son also in the list.' I went the next day to Brindavan. Many people told me that the list was closed and that there was no use trying. I went to the concerned person and made my request. Surprisingly, he noted down my son's name. My son, thus, had the good fortune of his thread marriage performed in the Divine Presence.

Swami blessed us with interview many times. He materialised a medallion with Aum on one side and Swami's bust on the other for my daughter Vidyullatha.'

-- Mrs. Lavanya Kumari

   (As narrated to Mr. B. Parvatala Rao at Prasanthi Nilayam on 23.02.2006)