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Features | Experience of the Divinity of Bhagavan by Devotees | Group VI | Mrs. Kolipaka Gita

Mrs. Kolipaka Gita,
W/o Mr. K. Rajendra Prasad,
Manager, Nagarjuna Grameena Bank,

      Mrs. K. Gita (50), a housewife, relates a few of her experiences of the Divinity of Bhagavan in her own words.

'In July 1991, my husband went to Prasanthi Nilayam with some of his colleagues and had darshan of Bhagavan. He was not a devotee.

In August 1991, he returned from office one evening. 'They want to have bhajan in our house' he told me, 'I think we have to arrange.' 'But we don't have even a photograph of Bhagavan' I protested. 'I told them that' he replied, 'they gave me one. I gave it for lamination. It will come tomorrow.' When the photograph arrived, I kept it on a small table in the pooja room. Even during bhajan, I did not disturb it but kept it where I had kept it on arrival. I used to clean the pooja room and dust the photographs also daily.

One day after the bhajan I was cleaning the table on which Swami's photograph had been kept, with my hand, when I felt a shock. 'It is giving shock' I came out and cried, 'come here and see!' My husband asked nonchalantly 'what is it that gave you the shock?' 'I am not joking' I said, 'the table'. He laughed. 'It is a wooden table' he said, 'and there is no electric connection anywhere near it. How can you get shock?' 'Come and see for yourself' I said. He came and passed his hand slowly on the table and suddenly withdrew it with a jerk. 'My God!' he exclaimed, 'some electric energy is here'. Then we both looked at some white substance on the table. Right from the ring finger of Bhagavan in the photograph, there was a streak of white down to the table. Vibhuti had fallen from Bhagavan's finger on the table.

My husband mentioned this to the MRO who gave us the photograph. 'Don't tell anyone' he cautioned us, 'don't allow anyone to touch it'. My husband did not agree. 'Swami's leelas are for all to see and enjoy' he said, 'let them share the joy as well as the vibhuti prasadam.' We allowed whoever came, to see it. We used to collect vibhuti, make into small packets and give to devotees. After a few days, it stopped.

During bhajans, we used to keep a flower on the photograph of Bhagavan. If the flower fell down, we took it as an indication that Bhagavan attended the bhajan. The person during whose recital the flower fell used to rejoice the most.

We constructed a house and wanted to do house-warming even before it was ready. My husband was thinking of clubbing it with nagarsankeerthan.

'Never heard such a thing' I remarked.

'Well, you did now' he replied, 'we will start in a procession from our (present) rented house carrying the photographs of Bhagavan and my father. There will be no ceremonial pooja. We recite Sai Gayathri. No ceremonial lunch, but we will distribute prasadam - some pulihora. I will arrange it from the temple.'

'Agreed!' I said, 'except for the inaugural part.'

'What do you mean?' he asked.

'This (our rented house) is more than 3 km from our new house' I explained, 'how can all women, old people and children walk that distance?'

'I decided to do it thus' he said decisively, 'come what may'.

That day I felt very agitated. I began praying to Swami. I don't know if I dozed after a while, or was awake. I saw Swami walk into my room. I kept a small stool and said, 'please sit, Swami!' He looked at that questioningly. It did not strike me to get a chair. He sat and then He disappeared. I could not understand the meaning of the dream. Or, was it a dream? I sat like that for long. My husband returned from the bazaar. 'I made a small change in the programme' he told me even before I opened my lips, 'we will start from my parents' house in a procession instead of our present house. It is at a walking distance.' I thanked Swami silently and smiled.

'Why do you laugh?' he asked.

'Swami came here just now' I replied. 'I guessed that some such thing would happen'.

Swami thus solved the problem and made it easier for my aged mother-in-law and other women gladly to participate in the procession singing bhajans as our new house is at a walking distance from there.'

-- Mrs. Kolipaka. Gita

   (As narrated to Mr. B. Parvatala Rao at Prasanthi Nilayam on 16.02.2006)