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Features | Experience of the Divinity of Bhagavan by Devotees | Group I | Mrs. J.Yasoda

Mrs. J.Yasoda,
W/o Mr. Jayakrishna,
7-2-1087 / 5, Sanatnagar,
Hyderabad - 500 018
Tel: 040-23706367

Mrs. J.Yasoda (60), a long-standing devotee of Bhagavan, has been blessed with several experiences of the Divinity of Bhagavan. She narrates a few in her own words.

'In 1974, one of the devotees of Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba gave me vibhuti and a Photograph of Bhagavan and said, 'keep these. It will be good for you'. I brought them home. Strangely the same day, my husband also brought vibhuti and a Photograph of Bhagavan, which were given to him by a friend. Later my husband came under the spell of some wrong advice and wanted to get rid of me. He took me with children to Puttaparthi, and leaving us there returned to Hyderabad where he was working as an Industrial worker.

After my husband had left, we continued to live at Puttaparthi. One day Swami called us for an interview. I told Bhagavan about the disaffection of my husband.

'He was drugged by some person closely related to him', Swami said, 'no need to worry. I will give vibhuti. Mix it in water and sprinkle a little on him and give the remaining to him to drink.'

We left for Hyderabad with vibhuti. When I got down from the train and came out, a rickshaw-puller accosted me. I got into it with children. I do not know how it happened, but he brought us exactly to our house straight without my telling him our address. I went into our house, mixed vibhuti in water and sprinkled a little on the head of my husband as instructed by Swami. Suddenly, I saw flame coming out of his head for a few seconds, but there was no trace of any burning of his hair. His health and his behaviour towards me changed for the better, after I had given him vibhuti water to drink as instructed by Swami.

One day, in 1975, my son got fever. I was very much worried. I prayed to Swami intensely. Then vibhuti appeared on the Photograph of Swami in my house. I mixed that in water and gave to my son three times that day. Fever subsided and he got better. The vibhuti that came out of the Photograph of Swami had very fine fragrance.

We later went to Puttaparthi the same year. Swami came to me, gave new clothes and Rs.500/- in cash. We are keeping that money without spending it, with us, safely.

We were allotted a Housing Board quarter which we rented out to some person. He refused to vacate it afterwards, and started giving trouble. We went to court to get him vacate it. I prayed to Swami, as the tenant was then becoming very rude. He was threatening to get us manhandled by rowdies. At Puttaprthi, Swami assured us not to worry. The court later gave judgment in 2000 in our favour, and the tenant vacated.

Once Swami materialized amritam at Puttaparthi and gave a spoonful to all present there. We had the good fortune of tasting it from the Divine hands of Bhagavan at that time.

I came to Brindavan in 2001 when Swami materialized vibhuti and gave me. I keep visiting Prasanthi Nilayam and Brindavan frequently for Darshan of Bhagavan.'

-- Mrs. J.Yasoda

(As narrated to Mr. B.Parvatala Rao at Sai Gokulam, Brindavan, Bangalore on 26.05.2004.)