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Features | Experience of the Divinity of Bhagavan by Devotees | Group I | Mrs. G.Manga

Mrs. G.Manga,
W/o Mr. G.Ramesh,
D.No. 1-7-802, 203, Surya Residency,
Opp. Zamistanpur Post Office,
Hyderabad - 500 020.
Tel: 040-255767901

Mrs. G.Manga (33), a housewife, has been blessed with several miracles. She narrates a few of them in her own words.

'It all started at the end of 1995. We received a calendar for 1996 with the Photograph of Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba and displayed it in our house. On January 1, 1996, vibhuti started coming out of it. Many of our neighbours also saw it though we did not mention about it to others.

One day in the same year, my husband and I had some altercation. I sat weeping helplessly. Then I saw tears rolling down the cheeks of the Photograph of Sri Sathya Sai Baba. Forgetting about our altercation, I called my husband and showed it to him. We both forgot about our differences, and began to live in amity and love.

After that I used to hear Bhagavan's voice. He used to assure me that He is my father and mother, and would take care of me.

We set apart one room in our house for Bhagavan. One night, my son saw Bhagavan walking in that room. Later, Bhagavan began to appear to me and talk to me. I was afraid of mentioning this to outsiders for fear of being ridiculed. In 1996, one One-rupee coin came before the idol of Ganesh and two One-rupee coins came before Shirdi Sai idol in our house.

During 1996, I had severe bleeding, and became extremely weak. My husband gave a donation of Rs. 50 to the local Sri Sathya Sai Seva Samithi Organisation. At that time, it was a big sum for us. Soon after, my bleeding ceased miraculously.

In 1998, we went to Puttaparthi and had Darshan of Bhagavan. I saw some good Photographs of Bhagavan there costing Rs. 300 each. Swami told me on the astral plane to buy them. He asked me to buy two - one for Dr. Ravindranath and the other for us. I told Swami that I had no money. He asked me to open my purse and see. When I opened my purse, there was Rs.600 over and above what I had kept in my purse. I bought the Photographs and gave one to Dr. Ravindranath.

In 2001, Swami cured my brother's cancer by giving vibhuti when I approached Him on the astral plane.

In February 2003, we went to Puttaparthi. We took the plan of the apartment, which we were proposing to buy. Swami came in Darshan lines and took the plan along with Him.

That year, for the Birthday of Bhagavan, Swami gave me Rs. 5000 at my house and wanted me to buy a sari for myself. The money appeared before Swami's Photograph and Swami, whom I see in our house, gave the message orally.

During that period, we sold some property and mobilized Rs. 3 lakhs to buy the apartment. It was not enough; we needed Rs. 6 lakhs more. Then, one day, Rs. 500 appeared before Swami's Photograph. Swami told me in the astral plane to give advance to buy the apartment. He told me that we need not worry about money and that He would give us the capacity to buy it. On Swami's word, my husband paid Rs. 500 as advance. As assured by Bhagavan, we bought the apartment and could pay for it 'exclusively by the grace of Bhagavan'.

Swami gave me Rs. 2000 for grihapravesam to buy a sari for myself. I did not buy a sari with the amount of Rs. 5000 given by Swami earlier for His Birthday.

'Swami! You gave us the flat', I told Swami on the astral plane, 'but there is no furniture in it. I will buy some furniture, etc with the amount you gave me'. Swami agreed. We bought furniture with Rs. 7000. We held grihapravesam function on 01.02.2004.

Swami asked us to change the old air-cooler and wanted us to buy a new one. We bought a new air-cooler in April 2004. For grihapravesam, Swami gave me a ring also.

When Mr. V.C.Rao uncle came to our house for grihapravesam, a silver idol of Kamadhenuvu came into his hands. He presented it to us. When we wanted to do Satyanarayana Vratam after grihapravesam, an idol of Vishnu came for use in the Vratam.

On March 30, 2004, Mangala Sutralu for Sitamma varu, and pearls for talambralu appeared in our house for doing Sitarama Kalyanam.

Miracles happening in our house are without count. As these are not for publicity, we have not been mentioning of them to anybody. But if what we narrate can be of joy for devotees, we feel doubly blessed by singing His glory in the revelation of which we are only just instrumental.'

-- Mrs. G.Manga.

(As narrated to Mr. B.Parvatala Rao at her own residence at Hyderabad on 27.4.2004).