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Features | Experience of the Divinity of Bhagavan by Devotees | Group IV | Mr. Vijaya Kumar Sanga

Mr. Vijaya Kumar Sanga,
Bankhar, Galore Post -177 026,
Nadaun Tahsil, Hamidpur District,
Himachal Pradesh

Mr. Vijaya Kumar Sanga (41), an official of the Revenue Department, relates his experience of the Divinity of Bhagavan in his own words.

'After I was transferred to Galore, my neighbour used to invite me for bhajans in his house. I learnt about Bhagavan Sri Satya Sai Baba from him in about 2001. He used to go to Prasanthi Nilayam now and then and used to invite me to join him. 'You are a teacher. You can get leave easily. But I am in the Revenue Department and it is difficult to get leave' I used to tell him.

In February, 2004 I had a dream. I was standing in a corner, which seemed like some colony with a few big buildings. A car was coming. Swami sat in that car. It stopped by my side and I bent to take padanamaskar. Swami stopped me and offered His hand for a shake-hand. The dream ended.

After that dream, my interest to go and have darshan of Bhagavan intensified. In July 2005, some people were going to Prasanthi Nilayam for seva and I was asked to join. I requested my authorities for leave. They came out with their usual objections. 'I am going to Prasanthi Nilayam, leave or no leave,' I told them point-blank, 'you can take any action you want'. I came away for seva.

It was His grace that I was posted on security duty. Next day I was standing in the corner near the rear side of Poornachandra Auditorium. Swami was coming in a car. Suddenly I remembered that it was the same corner where I was standing in my dream. The car was the same, and Swami was there in the car as He appeared to me in my dream. Then I realized that Swami was kind enough to show me the exact scene here, in my dream well in advance. Swami went past me as I stood with folded hands. He was smiling and waving His hand by way of blessing.

Swami used to go round the Ashram several times during my seva period when I had the good fortune to have His darshan from close quarters. Many times He looked into my eyes smilingly. I can never forget this great exhilarating experience.'

-- Mr. Vijaya Kumar Sanga

(As narrated to Mr. B. Parvatala Rao at Prasanthi Nilayam on 27.07.2005)