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Features | Experience of the Divinity of Bhagavan by Devotees | Group I | Mr. V.C.Rao 

Mr. V.C.Rao,
2-96 (Upstairs),
Street No.2, Vani Nagar,
Malkajgiri, Hyderabad - 500 047
Tel: 040-2705934

Mr.V.C.Rao (63), a longstanding Sai devotee has many divine experiences. He narrates a few here in his own words.

'In connection with a cheque-bounced case, an arrest warrant was issued against me in 1992. I approached Bhagavan on the astral plane and was assured that there was nothing to fear. Though the warrant was in force, I was moving about freely for three years, but no one ever nabbed me. However, all lawyers whom I approached were doubtful of the outcome of my bail petition, as absconding without attending the Court amounted to contempt of the Court.

The Judge was insisting on my being represented by an advocate. When I was at a loss to know whom to approach, a young Advocate accosted me. He has been known to me, and is also a distant relation of mine. When I was talking to him, I wondered why I should not engage him as my advocate. I proposed this to him and he, finally, filed a vakalat on my behalf.

On the day the case was posted, everyone thought that the Judge would adjourn the case. He did not do so. On seeing me he became furious and remarked that persons like me who evaded courts should be punished severely. He even asked the police to arrest me. The police promptly lodged me in a corner of the court. When the Judge was remarking like that, every one including me assumed that I would end up in jail.

Just then something, the most unexpected, happened. The Judge who was till then shouting at me suddenly said. 'Let his papers be filed completing formalities for bail.' In the end, I was granted bail! I thought that it was a miracle wrought by Bhagavan.

The final judgment day was August 2, 1995. Early in the morning on that day, I had a dream around 4.30 a.m. Bhagavan appeared in the robes of a Judge shouting at me. When I went to the Court, the bench-clerk saw me, while the Judge was sitting with his head bent. The clerk shouted 'your case was struck off in your favour'! Usually the Judge would pronounce the judgment and not the bench-clerk. It is note worthy that mine was the only case of acquittal on that day. All other cases ended up in either fine or punishment. In my case, it was as predicted by Bhagavan on the astral plane.

I had to spend a lot of money for the litigation, raising loans. Swami asked me to approach 'SSS'. This message came through the astral medium. I went to all friends whose names begin with S. No one helped. I reported it to Swami on the astral plane. Swami said: 'SSS means Sri Sathya Sai'. In a few days, my ex-employer sent arrears due to me, while I was in their service. The amount was exactly enough to pay for the litigation, and was unexpected bonanza.

By the grace of Bhagavan, I could get a better placement. I remember gratefully how I was helped and supported by fellow Sai devotees - chiefly, Sri K.Vijaya Babu with whom I was in touch for over a couple of months, and was in touch with Bhagavan during the period of crises on the astral plane. I also participated in Sathya Sai Vratams organized by Sri Vijaya Babu, and also went to Puttaparthi in the group of 1100 devotees taken there in 16 buses by Sri Vijaya Babu and others, during that period.

Several miracles began to appear in my house afterwards. A number of idols, garlands, pairs of padukas and many other things have been appearing before the Photographs of Bhagavan - not to mention of vibhuti, camphor, amritam, etc.'

-- Mr. V.C.Rao.

(As narrated to Mr. B.Parvatala Rao at Mr. V.C.Rao's residence at Hyderabad on 27.04.2004)