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Features | Experience of the Divinity of Bhagavan by Devotees | Group III | Mrs. G. Anita

Mr. T. Surya Rao
3rd Cross East, Gopuram Road,
Puttaparthi - 515134

Mr. T. Surya Rao (76), an agriculturist from Sampara, East Godavari District, presently settled at Puttaparthi, relates a few of his experiences of the Divinity of Bhagavan in his own wards.

'In 1954, I got married. In 1956, my in-laws took my wife and me on a tour of pilgrimage. We went to Tirupati and from there to Chennai. Then I had an idea. I wanted to go to Puttaparthi. I was not a devotee of Bhagavan but I used to hear a lot about Him in our area. I was a patient of severe asthma. I tried several medicines but in vain. I thought, 'why not I go to Puttaparthi and test my luck?' But my in-laws were reluctant. They, however, agreed for my going to Puttaparthi with my wife, and left for Kakinada.

I enquired about Puttaparthi. No one could tell me where it was. We were then put up in Mudaliar Choultry near Chennai Central Station. That day a person came there from Puttaparthi. He told me to go via Pakala. It was a shortcut, though I would have to change trains twice. 'You have come as godsend'. I thanked him. My wife and I left by train for Puttaparthi. We got down at Mudigubba, came to Bukkapatnam by bus and engaged a cart to take us to Puttaparthi. By evening we arrived at Puttaparthi. At that time there was no Gopuram. Only a gate was there. Swami saw us from the balcony. We were allowed to stay in the Mandir. Ladies used to sleep in the hall and gents slept in the verandah. We kept our baggage in the room. We all sat outside under the trees for Darshan.

Swami used to reside on the first floor. He came down, and walking along the lines, stood near me. He placed His hand on my back and caressed. 'Don't worry. Asthma will go. I will take care of you', He said. This was on the third day after our arrival at Puttaparthi.

After that, I returned to Sampara. Asthma has not showed itself up to me again since that day. I used to go to Puttaparthi at least once in a year. Swami also came to our village during His tour of Godavari districts. Mr. N. Kasturi wrote two or three pages on our village in his book, 'Satyam, Sivam, Sundaram'.

Bhagavan used to call us for interview whenever we went to Puttaparthi. He used to call us for interview only on the third day of our arrival there as He did when we had visited it for the first time in 1956. Once he materialized a ring and gave it to my wife. Another time He materialized a gold chain for my wife. He gave her a silk sari - a very expensive one, indeed. Once, He materialized diamond ear studs and gave them to my wife.

'Why don't you go to Whitefields?' Swami asked me one day.

'Yes, Swami', I said. My wife and I went to Whitefields, and stayed in a room near Brindavan for a couple of years. I was asked to supervise the construction of a building for devotees opposite the present Sai Ramesh Hall. On the day of inauguration, Bhagavan called my wife and got that complex inaugurated by her!

We bought a house-site at Puttaparthi in 1986 and built a house in 1987. Ever since we have settled down here owning to His grace.'

-- Mr. T. Surya Rao.

(As narrated to Mr. B. Parvatala Rao at Prasanthi Nilayam on 05.02.2005.)