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Features | Experience of the Divinity of Bhagavan by Devotees | Group III | Mr. T. Arjuna Rao

Mr. T. Arjuna Rao
9-2-178, Puttaparthi - 515134

Mr. T. Arjuna Rao, a Homoeopath, relates a few of his experiences of the Divinity of Bhagavan in his own words.

'My mother, Mrs. Sitaramamma came to Prasanthi Nilayam in 1959. Swami called her for an interview. 'I will give you a room. Be here', Swami told my mother, 'you are now taking medicine for high B.P. I will cure it'. It is true that my mother was taking medicine for high B.P. at that time. How did Swami know that?

'Swami, my husband has not come now with me', my mother replied, 'how can I stay here?'

'He is as angry as Doorvasa', Swami quipped, 'and as devoted as Ambarisha. You have your mother with you. You both can stay.'

When they came out after the interview, my mother narrated to some devotees about what Swami had told them. 'Many of us want to be here, but Swami has not been agreed. In your case, He Himself is asking you to be here and you are reluctant. How fortunate you are?' So saying they prostrated before my mother. Then she realised her fault in not immediately agreeing to the suggestion of Swami. She decided to stay. As they had no place to stay, they remained under a tree. Then Swami sent for Mr. N. Kasturi and asked him to put the ladies under the tree in a room.

In 1962, I came to Prasanthi Nilayam with my wife and other relatives. Swami called all of us for interview. Looking at my brother's daughter, Swami said she would have a male child. 'How can this person tell the sex of the babe before it is born?' I thought. Then Swami said, 'she will come here next time with her fair complexioned son.' She is dark complexioned. Her husband also is dark complexioned. There is no one in his or her family who is fair complexioned. How can she beget a fair complexioned boy? I doubted.

Swami then looked at me. 'Good fellow! But dabbling in politics. Give up politics, you will be happy'. Then He looked at my wife. 'You have a problem, I know. Be devoted, you will be cured', Swami told her. Afterwards, my brother's daughter gave birth to a fair complexioned boy. I got convinced that Baba is God in person. I gave up politics. My wife's ailment was cured without medicines. My mother told us that she was not taking medicine for B.P. Her B.P. was normal. Once she visited our village. The doctor there did not believe that her B.P. was normal even without taking medicine. He tested many times. Her B.P. was always normal. Swami cured her according to His word.

After five or six months, my wife's problem recurred. She was operated at Vuyyur, but the problem recurred. She had to be operated upon again. On the advice of my mother, I brought her to Prasanthi Nilayam. At that time Dr. Jayalakshmi was at Swami's Hospital at Puttaparthi. 'I will operate her', Dr. Jayalakshmi told me, and 'she will be ok'. I told Swami. 'Go ahead', He said. Dr. Jayalakshmi performed the operation and my wife was cured completely.

I began to take interest in seva activities. I was president of Sri Sathya Sai Seva Samiti in our village while my wife was president of the Mahila Vibhag. Later, my wife worked as a teacher of Balvikas also.

In 1983, I came to Prasanthi Nilayam. Swami called us for interview. Swami broached the topic of my father's anger. I wanted to tell Swami, 'my father's anger helps me in my sadhana', But I could not remember the word 'sadhana'. Trying to recollect the word, I closed my eyes, absorbed in thought, when Swami came to me, materialized sugar candy and put it in my mouth. Then I recollected the word sadhana and uttered it.

In the same year, my father came to Prasanthi Nilayam. Swami called all of us for interview. He materialised a medallion and gave it to my father saying, 'keep it always in your purse'. On one side of it is the picture of Jayalakshmi with an imprint in English, 'Jayalakshmi' around the picture. Both the picture and the letters are in gold colour. On the second side is the picture of Shirdi Sai. The imprint around it is in Hindi. Both the picture and the imprint are in Silver.

After a few years, my father forgot to take out the purse before he sent the shirt to laundry. The purse was lost along with the medallion. My father came to Prasanthi Nilayam and reported the matter to Swami. 'Its purpose was served, and it returned to me', Swami told him, 'now you don't need it. Take this', so saying Swami materialized a garland of Rudrakshas and gave it to my father. After the passing away of my father, that garland came to me. It is still with me.

In 1983, my father was ill. I took him to Prasanthi Nilayam. Swami called us for interview. He materialized vibhuti and gave my father. He allowed Padanamaskar also. But he did not say, 'don't worry. I will take care of you'. My father passed away peacefully after a few days.

After his death we wanted to take my mother with us to our place. My mother was reluctant to leave Prasanthi Nilayam. We asked Swami. 'You go and spend sometime with your grand children', Swami told her. 'Don't tell like that, Swami', my mother protested, 'don't send me away. I don't want to go anywhere. My second son agrees to stay with me. My grandson will look after the agriculture in our village.'

'Your grandson', remarked Swami, 'is a child. What can he do? Let your second son be there for sometime.'

'If Bhagavan's grace is there, my son can manage well, Swami.' I pleaded, 'he is 29 years old'.

'You will come here later, not now', Swami replied.

'Then pray allow me Swami!' I prayed, 'to be here by the time of your Shashthipoorthi and settle down'.

'Certainly, certainly, certainly.' Bhagavan replied, raising His hand in blessing and moved away.

I felt I had heard this earlier somewhere. Yes. Around 1979, I was in debt. I was afraid that I might lose all my property, and yet be unable to get rid of my debts. I approached Bhagavan two or three times, but He did not respond at all. Some one told me at that time that a Swami was there in Moturu called Naga Sai Baba who constructed a temple of Shirdi Sai there. 'Swami is Head office, and Moturu Baba is sub-office', I thought, 'if the head-office is inaccessible, let me approach the sub-office.'

On seeing me, Sri Naga Sai Baba said, 'you are with Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba enjoying peace and tranquillity'.

'Baba! Will I be able to settle down there?' I asked.

'Certainly, certainly, certainly', Baba replied raising his hand in blessing. His voice and intonation of uttering the word 'certainly' thrice, which I heard years ago were like those of Bhagavan, which I just heard. Later, Naga Sai Baba told me, 'don't be afraid of your debts. You will clear them soon and live free from want.' It happened like that. I was convinced that Bhagavan spoke through him. Bhagavan was, perhaps, confirming to me that there is no difference between His assurance and that of Sri Naga Sai Baba about my shifting to Prasanthi Nilayam for good.

Why Bhagavan asked me to wait became evident to me afterwards. As the president of Sri Sathya Sai Samiti I planned a Mandir in my village. It was ready, but its registration in favour of Samiti could not be done for want of the State Organization's permission. I could move out of my village only after the registration was done with the permission of the State Unit.

Bhagavan blessed my mother with many experiences of His Divinity. As promised, Bhagavan cured her B.P. without medicines. Once she had her nostrils blocked due to cold and felt difficulty in breathing. When she told Swami about her plight, Swami said, 'cut your nose and throw it in Chitravathi'. She was cured of her problem at once. She used to tell me that Baba was appearing to her (in physical person), and even playing with her. Once her vision was blurred. She was afraid that she would become blind and prayed to Baba. Then she heard Baba telling her, 'take Vitamin B-complex tablets. You will be all right'. She took, and the same day her vision was restored to normalcy.

Once the washer-man who came to collect laundry charges pilfered a five-rupee note from her. She understood it but could not insist on its return. Then Baba's voice told her, 'adjust in next payment'. When she gave payment next time, she gave him Rs. 5 less. He quietly accepted. She then told him, 'I have not paid you that five' (meaning the five he had stolen). He replied, 'ok, ok.'

When she passed away in September 2004, Bhagavan instructed that all expenditure on her cremation be borne out by the Trust.

My wife and I have been selected for participating in Bhimaratha Shanti ritual planned by Bhagavan for couples past 70 years of age on February 10 this year out of His love and compassion,'

-- Mr. T. Arjuna Rao.

(As narrated to Mr. B. Parvatala Rao at Prasanthi Nilayam on 08.02.2005.)