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Mr. Sudhakar Karumuri
1661 Lake Point Drive
Apt 211, Madison - 53713 WI

Mr. Sudhakar, 36 years old, is a Business Analyst working for Senryo Inc, in Madison, USA. He has experiences of the Divinity of Bhagavan of which he narrates a few in his own words.

'I have been feeling the presence of Bhagavan with me all along my life. I have wonderful experiences and the moment I think of Him, He comes in some or the other form to me. He always listens to my prayers and He is kind to me. I believe in Karma, but just by uttering Sai's name, the Karma is washed out.

A few days ago, my brother sent me a Photograph of Shirdi Sai Baba appearing in a marriage that had recently taken place in the USA. I took that Photograph, formatted, and had a close look at Baba. The way he stood is exactly the same as how he stood in a Black and White Photograph dated 1916 with Bapu Sahib Boutte and Nemenkar.

Then, for a moment, I thought if it was real; did Shirdi Baba really come for the wedding? If He had come, why no one had noticed Him. In that mindset I was checking my emails. To my astonishment, I found a mail in which Satya Sai tells His devotees "I have no form or shape. Don't try to evaluate me. I can be anywhere anytime". It was amazing to have the mail from an unknown source just at that moment. It only establishes that Sri Satya Sai is no other than Shirdi Sai; both of them differ only in form.'

-- Mr. Sudhakar K

(As sent through e-mail to on 11.06.2004.)