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Features | Experience of the Divinity of Bhagavan by Devotees | Group I | Mr. S. Hariprakasa Rao

Mr. S. Hariprasada Rao
Retired Headmaster, Z.P.High School,
Korasavada, Srikakulam District

Mr. S. Hariprasada Rao (62), who retired as Headmaster, relates a few of his experiences of the Divinity of Bhagavan in his own words.

‘My native place is Avanigadda in Krishna district. My father-in-law’s house is in Repalle, Guntur district. In 1964, Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba came to Repalle to install the idol of Sri Shirdi Sai there. We all went there and had Darshan of Bhagavan even though we were not devotees at that time. That was the first time I had Darshan of Bhagavan. Little did I realize at that time that I would be fortunate enough to become a member of Sai family one day.

It was my custom to go to Tirupati on December 31 every year, get tonsured, and have Darshan of the Lord Venkateswara. After my first Darshan of Bhagavan in 1964, I started taking part in bhajans, and gradually became more and more involved in Sri Sathya Sai seva activities. By 1985, I became such an ardent devotee of Bhagavan that I began to go to Prasanthi Nilayam on December 31 instead of going to Tirupati.

I used to attend bhajans in the house of a Sai devotee, Mr. Padala Haridas in Parlakhemundi, Orissa. Later we started bhajan in our house. Gradually a bhajanmandali was formed in our village, which was recognized on June 22, 1992.

In November 1992, we were conducting akhanda-bhajan in our house. Many people were coming and going without sitting and doing bhajan steadily. I felt sorry for them and was reflecting on the attitudes of people totally devoid of devotion. Opposite my house, there was a wall painted black. As I was reflecting thus, I saw a vision on the black wall. It was 10 o’ clock in the morning. But I could clearly see on the wall a white screen on which Bhagavan was seen walking among the people doing bhajan in my house. It was like watching a video show on a big screen. The vision lasted almost for 20 minutes and faded out. I was overwhelmed with joy for the grace showered on me by Bhagavan. True to His word given to Narada (yatra mad bhakta gayanthi tatra thisthami, Narada! – where my devotees sing about me, there I will be seated), Bhagavan attended the bhajan in our house blessing us all. Those who were walking out, I understood, were losing a golden opportunity of being in the company of Bhagavan.

In June 2000, I went to Buragam. There was a lady Mrs. Chindiri Appalamma, from a poor agricultural labour family. She put a photograph of Bhagavan in her house. It was a small one pasted on a cardboard piece and hung on the wall. She used to do bhajan before that photograph. Her devotion was such that vibhuti and amritam began to emanate from that photograph for three days. I participated in bhajan in her house as the convener of bhajanmandali, and witnessed the miracle with my own eyes.

There is a family of Mr. Vatti Gurayya, a weaver, in our village. I have not seen them attending bhajans or visiting Sri Sathya Sai mandir in our village. They, being poor, have to work hard all the time and have no time for other activities. There is a small photograph of Bhagavan in their house.

‘We do not remember who gave it to us or how it came’, they told me, ‘but after the photograph came into our house, we have had no health problems in our family so far. We have had no need for use of any medicine’.

They did not know much about Bhagavan. They were not even devotees. When Swami’s grace showers on anyone, it has its own parameters unknown to us. It can shower on a non-devotee or a devotee equally well as per His Sankalpa. In that house of weavers, Amritam used to emanate from that photograph of Bhagavan when they kindled a lamp before the photograph. When the lamp went off, amritam used to cease to emanate. I went there and witnessed the miracle.

Owing to His grace, two of my grandsons got seats in a residential school with free food and lodge, as well as quality education in 2001 and 2002 respectively, in miraculous circumstances freeing us all from the anxiety about their future.’

-- Mr. S. Hariprasada Rao.

(As narrated to Mr. B. Parvatala Rao at Prasanthi Nilayam on 24.04.2005)