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Features | Experience of the Divinity of Bhagavan by Devotees | Group VII | Mr. Ramakrishna Modi

Mr. Ramakrishna Modi,
D - 43, Bilwara Textile Market,
Bilwara - 311 001,

      Mr. Ramakrishna Modi (50), a businessman, relates his experiences of the Divinity of Bhagavan in his own words.

'I happened to see the issue of Panchajanya, April 1997 in which an article 'Sant Sakthi ka Chamatkar' relating to Rs. 1000 crore water project of Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba was discussed. In it, Mr. Singhal mentioned that when L&T Engineers had brought the plans to Swami, He had placed several red pencil marks on the plans. When Mr. Singhal asked the Engineers later what those red marks meant, they replied 'Swami pointed out our technical faults in the plans. The red marks show where we committed the mistakes'. When I read it, I was stunned. 'How could this Swamiji, who had no formal education, tell the faults of the experienced Engineers?' That is how I learnt about Bhagavan.

In those days I was working on a souvenir on Lord Khatu Shyam whose temple could be seen near Jaipur. I was a devotee of Khatu Shyam. In the souvenir, I thought of publishing the stories of Avatar-murthis also. I wanted to publish an article on Sri Sathya Sai Baba also, but I had no material on Him. One day the local Railway Station Master came to me.

'Where had you been the other day?' I asked him.

'I went to attend the final rites of a person' he replied, 'he was related to the local in-charge of Sri Sathya Sai Samithi.'

Then I told him that I wanted some material on Sri Sathya Sai for an article in the souvenir. He sent me a book 'Shirdi to Parthi' by Dr. Rama Tek Kakade. I collected a few points and made out an article of a page. After that I kept the book aside and forgot about it.

During Diwali season, the Station Master asked me to return the book.

'I don't remember where I kept it' I replied, 'we do complete cleaning for Diwali. If I secure it, I return it to you. Otherwise I will pay you the price and you can get another copy.'

Luckily, I traced it and kept it on the shelf near my bed. It is my habit to read some book before sleeping. That day I could not find and reading material except this book. So I was compelled to go through it. Mr. S. B. Chawan wrote a preface to it. In it he described how swami had cured the ailment of his wife.

In those days, I was passing through bad times. I had to repay some amount to one person. I gave him a blank cheque in good faith so that he could calculate the exact amount and claim it. But that person made a cheque for Rs. 25 lakhs. The amount due from me was not even Rs. 5 lakhs. Naturally the cheque bounced. He went to the Court. They were sending me notices. I did not know what to do. So I began to evade receiving notices when one day a Police Circle Inspector came to me with a warrant. The suit was pending in Surat, but the notice came from the High Court. So I had to engage an advocate in Ahmedabad also in addition to the one in Surat. On the advice of the Advocate I appeared in the High Court along with him and begged pardon. In fact, the notices were issued on my old address whereas I shifted to a new address. I submitted that there was no attempt to evade as the address to which the notices were sent was wrong.

Even so, I was expecting that the Court might convict me for a day till the Court rose for the day.

I returned to my place after that.

Finally, I was acquitted of the contempt of the Court case in the High Court as well as the cheque-bouncing case also, owing to Swami's grace.

Why do I say it was His grace? See this. When the case came for hearing in Surat, there were several criminal cases pending against the person who had gone to the Court against me. On that day he was absent. The Judge who was convinced of the litigant and criminal nature of the person dismissed the case in my favour. So he went in appeal to the High Court. Meanwhile, the High Court, annoyed at the notices not being served on me, issued warrant against me. But the grace of Swami intervened here. The same Judge who had dismissed the case in Surat was promoted as the Judge of the High Court and the case came before him for hearing. On that day, the complainant was absent again because the car in which his Advocate was coming, broke down on the way. Therefore, they could not reach the Court on time. Meanwhile the Judge who had known about the litigant nature of the complainant dismissed the case ….

As soon as I had been involved in the case, I prayed to Swami. 'I see from the book I read that you are performing many miracles' I prayed to Him, 'if you are God, bring me out of this which had come upon me for no fault of mine'.

That night Swami came in my dream and blessed. Finally He saw to it that I was extricated out of the mess into which I had been pushed for no fault of mine. All this was in 1998-99.

On March 2, 1999, I was in Delhi. At that time, I came to know that Bhagavan was coming to Delhi on March 10. So I went back and returned to Delhi on March 10 and had darshan of Bhagavan. I gave a letter. Swami gave me padanamaskar and took the letter. While taking the letter, he pressed my middle finger gently which sent up divine vibration. Even now, I feel that bliss of His Divine touch whenever I think of it. He then placed His hand on my head and blessed me three times caressing me, softly moving His hand over my head.'

-- Mr. Ramakrishna Modi

    (As narrated to Mr. B. Parvatala Rao at Prasanthi Nilayam on 12.07.2006)