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Features | Experience of the Divinity of Bhagavan by Devotees | Group VII | Mr. Pisay Sudheer Kumar

Mr. Pisay Sudheer Kumar,
Hyderabad, presently in the US.

        Mr. Pisay Sudheer Kumar records his experience of Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba in his email addressed to

'I am a regular reader of Sri Sai Satcharitha and reader of the Sai Leelas. My heart would experience immense pleasure hearing HIS glories and Leelas. I had a wonderful dream this Thursday early morning that I can rejoice my lifelong. I would want to share with you the same.

In the dream I was waiting for Sai Darshan in Prashanti Nilayam Sai Kulwanth Hall along with my elder sister while within sometime Sai Baba came for the rounds. I had an opportunity to bow & touch HIS holy feet and rest my head and have a pada namaskar. While I had my head on his LOTUS feet I remembered my late mother and the sorrow and agony I went through due to her death. Sai raised me with love and affection and garlanded me a beautiful long & thick golden chain which he materialized for me. I even saw my sister wearing a golden chain which he has materialized. Sai Baba gazed me with love and took me close and hugged & kissed me thrice on my forehead. In a moment, I felt as if I got all the lost love & affection of my mother. He then told me to look at him through a mirror which is placed opposite to him. When I saw his reflection, in it, I saw my own mother. I felt extremely happy. My joy knew no bounds. Yes, I saw my own mother after 3 long years. I realized that she has merged in GOD.

Then the next day morning we were waiting for the darshan in the open ground in Prashanthi Nilayam. Sai Baba came there for the rounds and I noticed his hand kerchief flew to me which I caught and immediately ran to return it to him while he asked me to follow him and we walked for a while and went on an empty road where there was no one. I saw him walk ahead of me where there was an empty cylindrical drum kept and Sai Baba placed his hand in it and took out a huge cover full of apples and rolled down to me to take it to my home. Then he took out Anars and other fruits too in similar manner cover after cover and gave it to me to take home. I was hesitating but he just told me to take home. He then materialized lots and lots of house hold things like big handas (the ones in which Shirdi Sai Baba used to cook).All these items were kept on either side of the road. The road got filled with all the materialized things.

Then I saw my younger sister packing all the things and helping me to take home. I also saw in the end one guy who was jealous on watching all these things trying to keep drugs in some of my items which I watched and was preventing him to do so. Then I saw Baba returning to where I was and kept in my pocket few papers. I looked to see what exactly they were and realized that those were few stamp papers of Land. When I asked him what they were and I was not able to make them then Sai Baba told me that my father knew what exactly they were and asked me to give it to him.

Then I woke to realize it was a dream at 6 am and how exiting i was the whole day. I enjoyed the fruits of his love.

Bhagavan says he does not want any offerings from his devotees but he wants phalam, pushpam, patram, thoyam to be dedicated to him.

Phalam means not the fruits which we see daily but the fruits of our actions.

Pushpam is not he flowers which we see on the plants but the heart through which we sprout up our love towards him.

Patram means not the leaf of the tree but our body which is his instrument to carry out his work allotted to us.

Thoyam is not the water but the tears which come out of joy when we love him immensely.'

-- Mr. Pisay Sudheer Kumar

              (As sent on email to on January 07, 2009.)