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Features | Experience of the Divinity of Bhagavan by Devotees | Group IV | Mr. P.S. Prakasa Rao

Mr. P.S. Prakasa Rao
3-450, West Cross – I
Gopuram Road, Puttaparthi - 515134
Tel: 08555-287952

Mr. P.S. Prakasa Rao (81), a retired Bank Manager, relates a few of his experiences of the Divinity of Bhagavan in his own words.

‘From the beginning, I was not used to pooja or rituals regularly though I always believe in the Divine Providence. My wife, Mrs. Kantamanoharam, however, has been keen on performing pooja regularly.

When I was working at Eluru, I had the good fortune to be associated with the conduct of Brahmotsavam of Lord Venkateswara in a temple there in 1986. One day I had a fleeting thought that it would be a matter of great fortune for us if we were allowed a chance to perform it as the couple chosen to do it. That night, the trustee of the temple, Mr. Minampalli Srinivasa Rao came to my house around 1 a.m. in the night. ‘My wife is not in a position to sit for doing the ritual tomorrow’, he told me, ‘and your wife and you should come prepared to do it’. I was amazed at the grace showed by the Lord. That was only the beginning.

For 25 years from that year, every year, we have been invited to perform the ritual of the 25-day long Brahmotsavam on the first and last days invariably. The compassion and grace of the Almighty has not ended there. Though I had long innings as a banker enjoying all round respect in our bank circles, I was left with neither a house nor pension on retirement. I have six daughters, all educated, married and well settled. If I am left with no penny now, I consider it God’s grace and am totally contented.

In 1997, I don’t know what happened to me, I suddenly decided to go to Puttaparthi and settle down there. My wife, a staunch devotee of Bhagavan, heisted to move to a new place away from our circle with practically no money of our own. I left her at our place and started for Puttaparthi with just Rs. 147 in my pocket as if I was possessed of some force.

On arrival, I tried for seva here. ‘We had to wait for months to get a nod from Swami’, some people doing seva here told me, ‘how can you expect it so soon?’

Many people told me bluntly, ‘this is not a place for people like you. You can’t stay here unless you have sufficient income of your own’. Though they tried to discourage me, I did not lose nerve. In four or five days my wife also joined me here.

Then things began to move owing to Swami’s grace. I could find a footing in a private lodge. We could also secure a house. The landlady gave us the utensils we needed. A co-devotee gave us a new kerosene stove with which we began cooking our food. One day our landlady told us, ‘I am leaving for our place. You can use my gas cylinder and stove’. She also gave me money for renewal of gas cylinder, as I could not secure any hand loan to buy gas. Meanwhile my sister-in-law sent me Rs.300 from which I could pay back the landlady’s hand loan. Soon the lady who had lent us the kerosene stove returned, and we could give her stove back without difficulty to us.

Within 45 days after my arrival at Puttaparthi, I gave as many as 15 letters to Swami. One day Bhagavan tapped me on my head and blessed.

One of the customers of the lodge where I was working appreciated my work and position. He began to send me Rs. 500 per month regularly as assistance. I have been receiving it till now. A devotee of Bhagavan, since Bhagavan’s childhood days, wrote a book on Swami. She began sending me Rs. 800 per month since 2001 for some little service I have been rendering her in coordinating sale of her book. One of my granddaughters has also been taking care of our monetary needs. Thus Swami has been taking care of us without allowing us to feel any financial cringe.

In February 2001, my second son-in-law, Mr. Gopalakrishna came to Puttaparthi to see us. He had a daughter to be married and wanted to seek Swami’s blessings. I could arrange to seat him on the bench opposite the passage taken by Swami usually. I told him, ‘pray for whatever you want from here itself. Swami will receive and respond’. I don’t know what happened, he got an alliance within 15 days. The bridegroom was from the USA. No dowry! Even so, my son-in-law did not have money to perform the marriage when all that was needed came unexpectedly on time. When they set out in search of marriage halls, they found that all were booked in advance. But Sri Sathya Sai Nigamagamam, of all the halls, was available on the date of the marriage, which was incredible. The marriage was held on a grand scale.

In March 2000, I suffered from blood motions. I was taken to the SSSIHMS at Puttaparthi. They said that there was no hope, and referred me to the Banagalore hospital. There also the doctors said, ‘no hope’. I was brought back. My wife did pradakshinas to Ganesh temple near the main gate of the Prasanthi Nialayam. I was taken again to the SSSIHMS at Prasanthigram. I was there for a day. The same hospital which a few days earlier had referred me to Bangalore as a hopeless case discharged me in one day saying that my condition was all right. Swami healed me completely and saved my life. I don’t know for what purpose he did so.

Earlier, in 2001, my wife had a serious health problem due to fluctuation in her blood sugar levels. Her brain was also affected. She was taken to Bangalore and then to Hyderabad. Owing to Swami’s grace, she miraculously recovered. She is all right now.

Bhagavan conducted Bheemarathashanti in the month of February at Prasanthi Nilayam. I gave my name as I was past 70. But I was not selected, as my name did not find place in the voters’ list. On the day prior to the date of the function, we received a message at 1 p.m. to report at Prasanthi Nilayam at 3 p.m. to participate in the function the next day. Owing to Swami’s grace, we were allowed to participate in Bheemarathashanti, in spite of our not being included in the list already prepared. Swami personally presented silver mettelu to my wife during the function, addressing her, ‘bangaru!’

-- Mr. P.S. Prakasa Rao.

(As narrated to Mr. B. Parvatala Rao at Prasanthi Nilayam on 7.05.2005)