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Features | Experience of the Divinity of Bhagavan by Devotees | Group I | Mr. P.Purushottaman

Mr. P.Purushottaman,
168-D, Sampathnagar,
Erode - 5, Tamilnadu.
Tel: 0424-3109025

Mr. P.Purushottaman (36) is a businessman and a Sai devotee who had a memorable experience on his very first visit to Puttaparthi, which he narrates in his own words.

'I visited Puttaparthi first time along with my friend, Mr. Nazar Ali in 1991-92. We both stayed in a lodge near Ganesh gate outside.

That night I slept well. Exactly at 3.55 a.m. someone, tapping me, woke me up. I thought that my friend had tapped me. He, too, woke up tapped by someone. Then we understood that neither he woke me up, nor did I wake him up. But then who tapped and woke us up? It was our surmise that only Swami had woken us up to go for Darshan!

At that time there was no Sai Kulwant Hall. We sat in lines before Ganesh temple. I got token No.1. I do not know how I went in and sat in the front. I was feeling so emotional. There was a foreigner by my side and another devotee on his side. My friend Nazar Ali got token No. 20, or something like that. He came to Puttaparthi to pray for his brother's son, who had a hole in the heart.

Swami came straight towards us and stood before us. I had Padanamaskar. Then one devotee by my side asked, 'Swami! Please give me vibhuti prasadam!' Swami materialized vibhuti right in front of my eyes and gave it to him and then to a few others and me. I was completely overwhelmed with emotion. Ever since, my financial position has shown marked improvement, as my business improved, owing to Swami's grace. I have come now to Prasanthi Nilayam on my second visit for Seva.'

-- Mr. Purushottaman.

(As narrated to Mr. B.Parvatala Rao at Prasanthi Nilayam on 14.05.2004.)