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Features | Experience of the Divinity of Bhagavan by Devotees | Group VII | Mr. Omprakash Jhanwar

Mr. Omprakash Jhanwar,
Sadar Bazar,
Shapoora, Bilwara - 311 001,

      Mr. Omprakash Jhanwar (43), a businessman, relates his experience of the Divinity of Bhagavan in his own words.

'I came to know about Bhagavan from a friend in November 2005. In March 2006, I attended Laksha Bilwarchana and was present at the opening of a free Homoeo clinic by the District Convenor of Sri Sathya Sai Seva Samithi at our place. On coming home, I began praying to Lord Siva sitting before the picture of Lord Siva. 'Pray, give me darshan in flesh and blood.' I wanted to have sakshat-darshan of Siva.

I was praying to the Lord like that for over three months. In the fourth month, one of my friends pressurised me to come to Prasanthi Nilayam for seva. I came here in July 2006 and have darshan of Bhagavan. At once I realised that the Lord had fulfilled my desire and given me darshan in flesh and blood. I felt extremely blissful on having Swami's darshan for the first time.'

-- Mr. Omprakash Jhanwar

    (As narrated to Mr. B. Parvatala Rao at Prasanthi Nilayam on 12.07.2006)