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Features | Experience of the Divinity of Bhagavan by Devotees | Group I | Mr. N.Pravinbabu

Mr. N.Pravinbabu,
3, JLN SS 20 / 17,
Damansara, Utama,
Petalingjaya - 47400,
West Malaysia Tel: 603-77255604

Mr. N.Pravinbabu (25), a Computer Engineer, relates in his own words how the power of prayer redeemed him from the clutches of a deadly disease.

'It all started on October 15, 2002 when it was discovered accidentally that I had leukemia. Doctors said that fortunately it was of a curable kind, and commenced treatment. They also sent me home after two weeks saying that I was better. However, they asked me to be back at the Hospital for a check-up within two weeks. I did not take my ailment with the seriousness it deserved.

But I was at my house hardly for two days when I developed joint pains. I had to go to our Doctors. I also had severe stomachache - a possible acidic reaction. It was so unbearably painful that I had to be hospitalized immediately. Soon I had high fever and my blood pressure came down. As I had an attack of Pneumonia, my respiratory processes were adversely affected and I had to be shifted to the Intensive Care Unit, and kept under oxygen mask and what not. While Doctors were continuing to treat me, they did not have much hope of my recovery. I was under high sedation and, despite best medical attention, was sinking.

You had better have the rest from my parents, as I was unaware of what was happening:

Mr. Natarajao (Father of Pravinbabu): My son, Pravin, was a favourite among Sai Devotees because he used to sing Bhajans well. The moment members of Sai Centres in the country came to know about his admission to the Intensive Care Unit of the Hospital, they began doing Bhajans and prayers for the health of my son. About 10 centres in the area participated. Besides, many Sai devotees began to pray at a fixed hour every day in their houses. My wife and I were crying and praying all the time.

When we pray for us, we pray with a selfish motive. But when so many others prayed for our son, it was without any selfish motive. Naturally the power of such selfless prayer coming from a whole community of Sai devotees is considerable. Bhagavan, in His abundant love and compassion, decided to give my son a fresh lease of life.

Mrs. R.Prema (Mother of Pravinbabu): Only a mother knows what it is to see her child suffering with a deadly disease in a critical condition. Bhagavan Baba is also Sai Mata. He knows only too well how a mother feels. Two days after my son was put in the ICU, I had a dream in which a Chinese-looking lady appeared with aura like a full moon around her head. 'Wait for three days', she told me, 'your son will be all right'. I did not know who she was. May be, Bhagavan came in that form to reassure me. True to her word, our son's condition began to return to normal and exactly after three days he was pronounced to be out of danger.

Mr. R.Praveen: That was how Bhagavan, out of his boundless love and compassion, granted me a new life. I am now a lot better though I continue to receive treatment. We all came to Brindavan to thank Bhagavan and take His blessings for sunny days ahead.'

-- Mr. R.Pravinbabu

(As narrated to Mr. B.Parvatala Rao at Sai Gokulam, Brindavan, Bangalore on 22.05.2004.)