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Features | Experience of the Divinity of Bhagavan by Devotees | Group III | Mr. M. Vithal Rao

Mr. M. Vithal Rao,
D.A. 104, Opp. Head Office,
Singareni Collieries Ltd.,
Kothagudem - 505 101

Mr. M. Vithal Rao (69), who retired as the Deputy Chief Personal Manager, Singareni Collieries Ltd., relates a few of his experiences of the Divinity of Bhagavan in his own words.

‘Even though I was married in 1960, I had no children for quite sometime after marriage. In 1965, one of my friends, Mr. P.R.K. Murthy and his wife Mrs. Tulasamma, both devotees of Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, advised us to go to Puttaparthi and seek blessings of Bhagavan. ‘We too had no children’, they told us, ‘after going to Puttaparthi, we were blessed with a child, a daughter on March 15, 1965’.

Somehow, I could not make it. We had a son, Ravi Sri in 1966. When he was three years and a half old, we went to Brindavan in May 1970 along with my uncle on our way to Tirupati. On May 21, we had Darshan of Bhagavan for the first time. To be frank I had no belief in Him at that time. On May 22, Swami called my wife and me for interview. My son went to the chair of Bhagavan and was trying to climb into it when my wife tried to dissuade him. As she was admonishing the boy, Swami said, ‘children are the form of Parabrahmam, don’t chide him’.

‘Don’t worry about your job’, Bhagavan told me, ‘don’t worry that your juniors are being promoted over you. I am with you. I will take you to the top’.

‘You have no longing to earn money’, He added, ‘be like that only. I will be with you’.

At that time I was working as Office Superintendent in the Collieries Hospital. In my service, I got 8 promotions and retired as the Head of my Department owing to His grace. Bhagavan kept His word. He took me to the top.

My son had a problem. Whenever it was raining or cloudy, he used to get temperature up to 102 degrees F and suffer from breathing difficulty. We got him treated by eminent doctors, but there was no relief. We told Swami about it.

Swami put His Divine hand on the head of the boy and blessed him. He materialised vibhuti and gave him. From that day, the problem of my son was completely healed. It has never recurred till today. That made me develop faith in Bhagavan. From then onwards, I began to visit Puttaparthi now and then and also participate in seva activities. I had the good fortune to serve in various capacities such as District Sevadal Convener, District President, and State Coordinator for Khammam, Nalgonda and Medak (later, Adilabad in place of Medak).

Whenever I was to take up a new work, I used to get a dream in which Bhagavan used to appear and bless me.

In 1974, our Company proposed three names for training at the Indian Institute of Social Welfare and Business Management, Calcutta. I was one of the three. One was in reserved category, and the second enjoyed some clout. I had no pull. I prayed to Bhagavan. My wife had a dream in which Bhagavan appeared and told her, ‘your husband also will get’. She wrote to me a letter narrating about her dream. That letter and the telegram from the Institute informing me about my selection arrived on the same day. It was a miracle that the Institute which had to accommodate candidates from 175 Public Sector Organisations and Government Departments gave three seats to one company that facilitated my inclusion.

When I was in Calcutta, I used to attend Bhagavan’s bhajans in Park Street regularly. Even on the night prior to the exam, I attended bhajan. Owing to Bhagavan’s grace, I secured higher second class in the final exam in the Institute.

On July 7, 1995, Bhagavan called all state coordinators for group interview at Prasanthi Nilayam. It was a forty-minute interview. Bhagavan spoke about many things including spiritual sadhanas. He materialised vibhuti and gave us all. I felt that he had given me somewhat larger quantity. When Bhagavan gives vibhuti, it would be only with a definite purpose. So I was afraid that it was an indication of some impending ill health.

In September 1995, I had fever. It did not subside with medicines. The doctors could not diagnose it correctly. I wanted to attend Bhagavan’s Birthday celebrations in November. That time the world conference also was being held at Prasanthi Nilayam. I had to attend it. So I got my ticket reserved on November 11. On November 9, I went to our Company Hospital for a check-up. They put a needle and took out some yellow fluid, which gathered in my lungs, and advised me complete rest. But I decided to go to Prasanthi Nilayam and entrained as per my original programme.

Swami called all coordinators on November 14. As I was advised by doctors not to venture out in early hours of the winter season, I was late. Swami asked, ‘where is Vithal Rao?’ When I went to the mandir, they informed me that Bhagavan was enquiring about me. I went in. Swami asked, ‘which is your place?’

‘Kothagudem, Swami!’ I replied wondering. Swami, who knew my name, was asking about my place feigning ignorance. He then presented me a watch and new clothes. After the meeting, all were leaving. I was the last to leave. When I was alone with Bhagavan, I said, ‘Swami! I am not well’.

Swami patted me on my shoulder exactly at the very point, where the doctors had put the needle to take out the fluid. He materialised vibhuti and gave me.

‘Don’t worry’, He said, ‘I will take care of it’.

I returned to Kothagudem after the celebrations. As I was still unwell, my friends advised me to go and get a check-up at Hyderabad. I went to Mahavir Hospital. They found my lungs clean and referred me to Cardiology. Dr. Bhaskara Naidu, the Cardiologist, discovered that my heart was literally floating in a fluid oozing from my lungs. ‘You are the only one who is found alive in such cases in medical history’, he remarked. The fluid was removed by using medicines. I felt better and returned to Kothagudem.

Later, I went to Prasanthi Nilayam. ‘How is your health?’ Swami asked me. ‘It is all right, Swami!’ I replied, ‘with your blessings’.

During the 75th Birthday celebrations of Bhagavan, I was in-charge of catering. Swami arranged free meals to all. At around 1:30 p.m. we were winding up when 1000 devotees came and asked for food. I sent to North Indian Canteen, South Indian Canteen and Sevadal Canteen to collect food items from them, as we had no stock enough for 1000 people. We could get some curd rice and fried rice. One of the persons sent by me to the Sevadal Canteen was told by them, ‘Nothing is left over. All vessels are empty’.

The person was returning. As he passed the empty vessels, he casually lifted up the cover on a vessel. It was full of ksheerannam! The Sevadal Canteen people were amazed.

‘Just now we checked all vessels and found them empty’, they said, ‘how come this vessel is full with ksheerannam?’ it was Swami’s grace, indeed, that we could feed all the 1000 guests sumptuously with a sweet - ksheerannam.’

-- Mr. M. Vithal Rao

(As narrated to Mr. B. Parvatala Rao at Prasanthi Nilayam on 10.04.2005.)