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Features | Experience of the Divinity of Bhagavan by Devotees | Group III | Mr. M.L. Narsimhulu

Mr. M.L.Narsimhulu,
D. No. 3-324-B, Ground Floor,
Gopalareddy Buildings, Block No. 4,
Kummaripeta, Puttaparthi - 515134
Tel: 08555-288614

Mr. M.L. Narsimhulu (62), who retired as Manager, SBI, relates a few of his experiences of the Divinity of Bhagavan in his own words.

‘I could settle down at Puttaparthi after retirement from the State Bank of India. I began to participate in seva as an interpreter at the General Hospital owing to Bhagavan’s grace.

On December 18, 2002, one Mr. Ian Smith from Australia came to our surgical outpatient Department for consultation. His right hand was frozen some 23 years back. It could not be revived despite several types of medical treatment. He was unable to stretch his right hand. He could not also fold it fully.

When Mr. Smith was leaving after consultation, he happened to run into Mr. M.E. Vidyasagar, an Assistant in the hospital. Swami personally had given Mr. Vidyasagar a packet of vibhuti sometime back. From that packet, he offered a pinch of vibhuti to Mr. Smith. As Mr. Smith could not stretch his right hand, he stretched his left to take the vibhuti. It is considered inauspicious to take sacred things like vibhuti with left hand. So Mr. Vidyasagar asked Mr. Smith to stretch his right hand. Mr. Smith explained his inability, but Mr. Vidyasagar was insistant. So Mr. Smith tried his best to stretch his right hand to the extent possible to take vibhuti. He took vibhuti and, with much difficulty, tried to put it in his mouth. In spite of his best effort, only a part of it fell in his mouth and the rest on his body.

Mr. Smith later returned to his room. Next day he came in an elated mood to the hospital and sought Mr. Vidyasagar.

‘I went back to my room and took rest’, Mr. Smith told us his story. ‘At about 1 p.m., I got up to get ready to go for evening Darshan. As usual, I splashed water at the washbasin on my face and began to wash my face. I was washing my face feeling the touch of my hand. I could touch my neck and head. Then I suddenly realised that I was doing so with my right hand. My frozen right elbow was released! I could use my right hand normally! Amazing! It was a miracle Swami blessed me with! I am all right now with Baba’s vibhuti after suffering for 23 long years. Thank you very much’.

‘Thank Bhagavan’, Mr. Vidyasagar told him humbly. We were all happy at the miraculous cure Baba’s vibhuti had brought about in the case of Mr. Smith.

In November 1997, Mr. Padmanabham, my son-in-law who was at Chittoor, planned a visit to Mysore with his wife Mrs. Vinita and their two kids. There was a bus from Tirupati to Mysore via Chittoor, but there was no facility for reservation at Chittoor. Reservations could, however, be made at Tirupati. At that time, I was working at Tirupati. So they telephoned to me and requested me to get the reservations made for them. But after some time my son-in-law changed his mind and phoned to me that he would himself send a person to Tirupati to reserve the tickets and bring them to him. So, I need not bother, he added. Meanwhile I had urgent work at head office and left for Hyderabad. I told my son to keep a watch and do the needful if my son-in-law wanted any help for reservations. My son, it seems, waited for sometime for phone call from Chittoor. Then he left for his college, as there was no call from Chittoor.

My son-in-law forgot to get reservations done. On the day of journey, they went to the bus stand at Chittoor with luggage and kids only to find the bus that arrived from Tirupati full. Then my son-in-law remembered that he had neither sent a person to Tirupati nor asked me to get reservation made. How to undertake such long journey with luggage and kids as standing passengers?

‘How excellent would it have been had I allowed my father-in-law to reserve the tickets?’ my son-in-law lamented audibly.

‘Beg your pardon, sir!’ the driver of the bus asked my son-in-law, ‘may I know your father-in-law’s name?

‘Why?’ asked my son-in-law surprised, ‘he is Mr. M.L. Narsimhulu!’

‘Mr. M.L. Narsimhulu!’ The driver repeated and said, ‘he came to the bus stand at Tirupati and gave reservation slips for you. You can go and occupy 9 and 10 numbered seats.’

They were happy that I had done reservation even though they failed to pursue the matter. They had a comfortable journey to Mysore.

Afterwards, my son-in-law phoned to my house at Tirupati. My wife received the phone. ‘It was nice of the uncle to have got the seats reserved for us even though I forgot to send a person. But for his help we would have been put to lot of hardship’, he said. My wife, Mrs. Saraswati who answered the phone was surprised. ‘He was not at Tirupati. He had to rush to Hyderabad on urgent official work. May be, our son must have done that. Anyway I am glad you had a comfortable journey’.

Later, my wife asked my son whether he had reserved the seats.

‘I waited for long’, he told her, ‘there was no phone call from Chittoor. So I left for my college. I did not reserve any tickets for them. I don’t know who had done that.’

Who had done that? Who but our benevolent Saimata who is always with us protecting us and taking care of us?’

-- Mr. M.L. Narsimhulu.

(As narrated to Mr. B. Parvatala Rao at Prasanthi Nilayam on 10.04.2005.)