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Features | Experience of the Divinity of Bhagavan by Devotees | Group I | Mr. Kryshna Lewis Krydick

Mr. Kryshna Lewis Krydick,
F.4, Dr.N.S.Rao Ayurvedic Clinic Apartments,
Near Gokulam, Puttaparthi - 515134
Tel: 08555-287395
Mobile: 98453-15709

Mr. Kryshna Lewis Krydick, a middle aged devotee from the USA, resides at Puttaparthi. Vibhuti and Kumkum appeared on all Sai Photographs in his apartment on February 5, 2004. He explains the miracle in his own words.

'I first saw all of the vibhuti and kumkum with my friend Manu at 2.30 a.m. on Saturday morning February 7, 2004. The whole apartment was full of vibhuti fragrance and had a profoundly beautiful divine vibration. It no longer felt like an apartment, but rather a place of prayer and meditation! How and when it all unfolded? This is what transpired.

A devotee from Colorado by name Shaffea was in my apartment making a long distance phone call to her husband in America. I had given her a key to make these calls while I was away. She was talking to her husband between 12.00 noon and 12.45 p.m. on February 5, 2004 when her daughter Ranjani informed her that vibhuti was manifesting on several Photographs in the apartment. Shaffea finished her phone call and looked at the four large Photographs, two of Sri Sathya Sai Baba and two of Srimad Sai Rajarajeswari of Mysore. To her astonishment, she saw that vibhuti was forming on all of them.

Shortly after this, she left with Ranjani to go for darshan. When she returned, she noticed vibhuti was starting to form on Baba's robe as well as in other places in the apartment. She saw the name 'Baba' written on the bottom area of the robe in vibhuti. While she was there, 'Baba' was written again in the middle of the robe, and then later it was written on the top of the robe! This is a robe that was once worn by Baba.

Then, at about 8.00 p.m., kumkum (indicative of Divine Mother) began to appear below the Srimad Sai Rajarajeshwari's Photograph. The same Photograph of Divine Mother then started manifesting vibhuti, which covered most of the kumkum! As for the other large Photograph of Amma, kumkum was forming on the floor right in front of the Photograph. Then Shaffea and her daughter saw the word 'Amma' written in the kumkum. Also a small Photograph of Bhagavan was in the kumkum. Below the first Photograph of the Divine Mother, in a patch of vibhuti, were written the words 'Amma loves all.' Then they noticed that Bhagavan's padukas, beneath His robe, had a layer of vibhuti on them. Shaffea and her daughter sang some Bhajans and the vibhuti continued to materialize on the padukas, along with some footprints.

That evening before Shaffea and Ranjani departed, vibhuti started forming on the Shiva statue by the front door. Then the next day, Friday, the two pictures on either side of the Shiva statue began manifesting vibhuti. Shaffea told several people about the manifestations, and Smita (a devotee from Canada) came over to witness the unfolding miracles. While Smita, Shaffea and Ranjani were there on that Friday morning, they noticed vibhuti on the Krishna's Photograph and on Baba's left eye. (Here we must note that an important reference is being made - through this miracle of manifestation on the left eye of Bhagavan - which relates to the context of Bhagavan's eye injury taken on in response to the suffering of Amma.)

Later another devotee, Paul Jorgansen from California, led some Bhajans before leaving for Darshan. When they came back, vibhuti was covering all the cushions where Paul, Smita, Jyothi, Shaffea and Ranjani had been sitting. Paul's seat had Baba printed on it with a footprint. J.K. and some others came Friday night and sang Bhajans. As they were singing, words 'Baba loves all' appeared in the middle of a large patch of vibhuti near the kitchen counter. They then saw that there were also two footprints in the vibhuti, one next to 'Baba loves all' and the other next to 'Amma loves all'.

As on February 25, 2004 vibhuti was still there in all the places mentioned above. Hundreds of devotees have visited the apartment as a result of Baba's inner prompting to experience this miracle, and had Darshan of Baba's vibhuti and footprints.'

-- Kryshna Lewis Krydick

(Photographs of the manifestations are available with Mr. Kryshna Lewis Krydick)

(As narrated to Mr. B.Parvatala Rao on April 4, 2004 at Prasanthi Nilayam)