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Features | Experience of the Divinity of Bhagavan by Devotees | Group I | Mr. Kadiyala Radhadrishna Naidu

Mr. Kadiyala Radhakrishna Naidu,
Proprietor, Hotel Sai Brindavan,
Gopuram Road, Puttaparthi - 515134
Tel: 08555-287927 Fax: 08555-287111
Mobile: 98491-64069

Mr. Kadiyala Radhakrishna Naidu (38), a teacher by profession, has had many experiences of the Divinity of Bhagavan of which he narrates a few in his own words.

'I began my student career at Smt Eswaramma High School at Puttaparthi. After taking M.A. degree, I studied B.Ed. and joined service as a trained teacher. We had a site in Puttaparthi, where I had wanted to build apartments. In 1995, Swami appeared in my dream and said, 'build a hotel. It will go up and up'. Immediately I changed my plans and built a hotel in 1996. The business was good and, as blessed by Swami in the dream, I could add two more floors by 2000.

In July 2000, I developed some pain in my leg. I had a check-up at Anantapur. The results of the tests I underwent were shocking. My haemoglobin rate was 4.5 (near coma stage). 70% of my blood cells were blast (waste) cells. The diagnosis was that I had blood cancer! The Doctors were apprehensive that I might not live long, at the most 4 or 5 days! The survival rate in blood cancer patients is just 5 to 10%.

After that diagnosis, once I was coming from the Bangalore Hospital to Puttaparthi to have Darshan of Swami. At that time, I was taking Ayurvedic medicine. My Doctors suggested that I should not eat Bengal-gram, as a measure of diet restriction. Earlier, I had a dream in which Swami appeared and told me to eat Bengal-gram when everything would be ok. I was in a dilemma. On our way, we halted at a temple of Shirdi Sai Baba in Devanahalli. My family members went in to pray. On that day, some prasadam was distributed in the temple. My people brought it for me. When I saw what they had brought, it was boiled Bengal-gram. Then I thought that it was Swami's handiwork to make me eat Bengal-gram as suggested by Him in my dream. So I ate all the prasadam without fear or inhibition.

In the month of August 2000, I sat in Darshan lines at Prasanthi Nilayam. When Swami came near me, I told Swami about my ailment. Swami said, 'I will see, I will see' and materialized vibhuti and gave it to me.

I was, later, admitted in a Hospital. I took two Photographs of Swami with me. On September 26, 2000, honey came from the two Photographs. On one Photograph, the words 'With Love - Baba' were seen. They were not original, but printed. When I took the honey with my finger, my fingerprint was imprinted on the Photograph. It was as if Swami signed it afresh and I wiped the ink off before it dried. When I put it on my tongue, it tasted as a mixture of honey and ink. From this, Swami made it clear that there is no difference between His original writing and the printed form of His writing.

On December 8, 2000, I underwent bone-marrow transplantation in Chennai. But on January 20, 2001, my lungs failed while my heartbeat rose to 172 against the normal rate of 72. Even when they put me under an oxygen mask, I could not breathe. Added to this, I vomited as much as a litre and a half of blood. A team of five Doctors was attending on me. All its members lost hope. I was frantically praying to Swami all the time. Suddenly, I fell asleep. Then I had a dream in which Bhagavan appeared.

'Swami!' I told Bhagavan prayerfully, 'why do you still keep me in this body? If you take me out (if I die), I will merge in you. If you think that I will be of any service, you may continue me in this body. It will be ok for me either way'. Swami replied, 'don't worry. Everything will be ok in an hour'.

Accordingly I began to breathe in a few minutes. Doctors who found me recovering miraculously were surprised. After an hour, my heartbeat became normal. My breathing was restored completely. From the day on which I underwent bone-marrow transplantation, till the day of my recovery, I could not swallow even my saliva for fear of getting vomiting sensation. But on that day, that is, after 40 days, I drank nearly one litre of barley water.

Next day the Doctors did endoscopy and found to their utter surprise that everything was normal inside. Even a small wound was not there.

Our brother's son, K.Harish was a student of Swami's School. He was then in VIII standard. He approached Swami one day and said, 'Swami! My Babai's (father's younger brother) health is not good'. Even before he mentioned any details, Swami said, 'I know. He is having blood cancer. I will look after him'. Swami then took the letter, which Harish wrote addressing Swami about my health from his hand, and moved on. This was in 2001.

In the same year, Harish again tried to remind Swami about my health. Then Swami gave him a Photograph of Swami writing on it, 'With Love - Baba' and said, 'let your Babai keep this in his room'.

After a few months Harish again broached about me with Swami. Swami gave him another Photograph and asked him to give it to me. It is in our hotel even now.

On November 14, 2002, I went for Darshan of Swami. Swami came to me directly. I murmured in an emotionally surcharged tone, 'thanks Swami!' Bhagavan replied, 'I know. Glad, you have come back from the clutches of death. Jeevita kaalam vardhillu! (May you live long and be prosperous!)'. Swami then materialized vibhuti and gave it to me. He moved on after tapping me on my shoulders in a gesture of Abhaya (reassurance).

During 2002, Harish again touched upon my health with Swami, who reassured him again. Again in 2003, Swami told Harish, 'I will take care of your uncle'.

In fact, Swami was blessing me on various occasions reassuring people who were mentioning my matter to Him. In January 2001, my brother, Yoganand went to Brindavan, Whitefields. Swami told him that He would take care of me, and gave him vibhuti for me, which He materialized. Mr. Lidvin Virkasdan from Denmark, who used to stay in my hotel at Puttaparthi, gave a letter to Swami about my health. Swami told him, 'I will take care of him', materialized vibhuti and gave it for me.

After my recovery from the deadly disease, I thought that Swami had given me a fresh lease of life only to make me an instrument in His hands for service. I started a school at Puttaparthi in which we give concession in fees to the deserving poor. As I have already been working as a teacher elsewhere, I have been contributing my entire salary to the school established by me.

Even since I constructed the hotel according to Swami's instructions, several miracles have been happening there. In a hotel room, I sat for meditation one day in 1997 when a few jasmine flowers fell from the Photograph of Swami.

On another occasion, a garland was placed on the Photograph of Swami. I was in my room. The Photograph on which the garland was placed was in the corridor adjoining my room. I heard someone knock at my door. I opened the door but there was none. Then suddenly the garland on the Photograph of Swami fell down forming AUM (in Devanagari script).

In 1998, we raised the first floor of the building. In that new portion, we did Bhajan in a room. We sang the vibhuti song also, but forgot to distribute vibhuti to participants. Suddenly there was fine fragrance of vibhuti in the room and some vibhuti also came from Swami's Photograph.

In 1999, an American lady by name Ms. Linda stayed in our hotel room. She was then very ill and could not go for Darshan. I went to Mandir to pray to Swami for her. But on that day, Swami did not give Darshan in Sai Kulwant Hall - an unusual occurrence. When I returned to the hotel, I found Ms. Linda in a very jubilant mood.

'What is the matter?' I asked her.

'Swami', Linda told me, 'gave me Darshan in my room. What a compassionate Lord!'

We have a Bhajan hall in our hotel. There is a life size Photograph of Swami in that hall. One day I saw light coming out around Swami's head. It happened 3 times that day. After a few days, a child belonging to overseas devotees participated in the Bhajan. When the participants were asked to tell their experiences after the conclusion of the Bhajan, this child said, 'I see light around the head of Baba in that Photograph'. Thus my vision was confirmed.

Sometime back, an overseas devotee came to me.

'I have lost my money', he said, 'though our travel documents and flight tickets are intact. Can you kindly arrange to provide boarding and lodging for my family?'

As I found his case to be a bona-fide one, I gave them a room and allowed them to have boarding also in my hotel.

One day he said, 'I am an artist. I cannot eat your food without paying back. As I have no money now, I will paint a picture for you. Tell me which picture shall I do for you?'

I replied, 'Bhagavan's!'

He painted an impressive picture of Bhagavan. I took it to the Bhajan hall to install it there. I wanted to remove the Photograph of Swami, which was already there, and to replace it with the newly painted one. That was when I saw light coming 3 times from that Photograph. I thought that Swami did not want that Photograph to be shifted from that place. So I put the newly painted picture on another side without disturbing the Photograph.

To reassure me that the light I saw around Swami's head in that Photograph was not my imagination or hallucination, Swami confirmed my vision through the child of the overseas devotees!'

-- Mr. Radhakrishna Naidu.

(As narrated to Mr. B.Parvatala Rao at Hotel Sai Brindavan, Puttaparthi on 14.05.2004.)