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Features | Experience of the Divinity of Bhagavan by Devotees | Group IV | Mr.K.Jayaprakash

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Mr. K. Jayaprakash (39), who works as a transport operator in Mumbai, relates a few of his experiences of the Divinity of Bhagawan in his own words.

'I first came to know about Sri Satya Sai Baba in 2001 from a friend. I began participating in bhajans and seva activities. After that, I was made in- charge of the bhajan committee and later the service coordinator of our Tarur Samithi.

In August, 2004 our samithi sponsored the wedding of a blind bridegroom with a bride from a poor family. In the evening on the marriage day, vibhuti emanated from a small photograph of Bhagawan kept in the pooja room in the house of Mrs. Ambika Amma, the mahila convener of our samithi. The photograph is a laminated one. Many came and witnessed the miracle, and said that Swami was pleased with celebration of the wedding of a blind person.

After a few months, vibhuti emanated in three different houses, simultaneously, on the same day.

In the house of Mrs. Janaki Amma, there is a small photograph of Bhagawan loosely stuck into the frame of the photograph of her late husband. The photograph was hanging from a nail on the wall of the hall. As vibhuti was emanating, it was falling on the floor. We placed a news paper on the floor to collect it. Later we improvised a stand underneath the photograph on which we collected the vibhuti. After the stand was erected, vibhuti stopped coming and amrit began oozing out. We collected that also, and distributed among devotees. Like that, kumkum and candy also emanated alternately. This went on for four or five days. Hundreds of devotees used to come and witness the miracle as it was happening night and day. In all an estimated 8000 persons witnessed it. Now and then it used to stop for some time and start again after some time on its own. No one could say when it would stop or when it would restart.

Simultaneously, certain materials appeared in other houses also on the same day on which vibhuti emanated in Mrs. Janaki Amma's house. There is a large photograph of Bhagawan in the house of Mr. Bhaskar Nair, the convener of our samithi. Vibhuti came, just like that, for four or five days from that photograph also.

In our house, I kept a small photograph of Bhagavan on the fridge. I used to keep that in my pocket always earlier. On the same day on which vibhuti began emanating in the house of Mrs. Janaki Amma, bright red kumkum came in our house from that photograph on the fridge. Though it was only a one time affair, as much as a handful of kumkum emanated.

Vibhuti emanated in the house of Mrs. Indira Amma on the same day from a large size photograph of Bhagawan in the pooja room. After a while it stopped and bright red kumkum emanated.

The whole village was agog for a few weeks discussing these leelas of Bhagawan. There was no scope for any one to criticize this as every one was allowed to sit through and watch it happening.'

--Mr. K. Jayaprakash

(As narrated to Mr. B. Parvatala Rao at Prasanthi Nilayam on 06.07.2005)