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Features | Experience of the Divinity of Bhagavan by Devotees | Group III | Mr. Jack Hislop

Mr. Jack Hislop,

Mr. Jack Hislop was a great devotee of Bhagavan. He and his wife visited Bhagavan a number of times in the nineteen hundred and seventies. On the request of Elsie Cowan, wife of Mr. Walter Cowan, Mr. Jack Hislop narrated Walter Cowan’s account of his resurrection to Mrs. Elsie Cowan in writing for record.

‘While lying dead at the Madras hospital, with only a very faint consciousness remaining visible to yourself (Mrs. Elsie Cowan), who was sitting there, this very strange experience came about. Walter left the body, as in death. Baba was beside him. Together they went to a place, and there appeared to be a Court of Law there. There was a panel of individuals and a Presiding Chairman. This Chairman was very kind in appearance and voice. He called for the Register relating to Walter Cowan, and the records were produced, and they were read in the various languages appropriate to the time of their recording. At first, the various languages were unintelligible to Walter, and he was not aware that the recitation referred to him. At some point in the recital, Baba started to translate, and Water then realized that it was himself who was the subject of the recital. Walter was amazed to hear that he had played roles throughout the ages as emperor, as spiritual leader, dedicated always to the good of the people. At the end of the recital, Baba addressed the panel and the Chairman, saying that he had a role for Walter, and that Walter should be released from death into the care of Baba.

During this experience, a feeling of great peace came upon Walter, and he realized that his essential being was immortal, and that he was not this temporary body. Thus, fear dropped away and Walter now remains peaceful and without worry. After hearing Walter tell this experience, I asked Baba if Walter had this actual experience. Baba replied, ‘the experience was a real experience, not an illusion. It was an experience occurring within Mr. Cowan’s mind, and I was, myself, there – directing and clarifying the thoughts.’ I then asked if every person had a similar experience and some did not.

Thus Walter had a most extraordinary experience in December 1971 and January 1972. Both of you know directly the Divine Grace of Sri Sathya Sai Baba.

Walter Cowan’s Account of His Resurrection
(in his own words)

‘While in the Connemara Hotel in Madras, two days after I arrived, I was taken very sick with pneumonia and was in bed. As I gasped for breath, suddenly the body’s struggle was over, and I died. I found myself very calm, in a state of wonderful bliss, and the Lord, Sai Baba was by my side. Even though my body lay on the bed, dead, my mind kept working throughout until Baba brought me back. There was no anxiety or fear, but a tremendous sense of well being, for I had lost all fear of death.

Baba took me to a very large hall where there were hundreds of people milling around. It was the hall where all the records of all my lives were kept. Baba and I stood before the Court of Justice. The one in-charge knew Baba very well, and He asked for the records of all my lives. He was very nice and kind, and I had the feeling that whatever was decided would be the best for my soul.

The records were brought into the hall – armloads of scrolls – and all of them seemed to be in different languages. As they were read, Baba interpreted them. In the beginning, they told me of countries that have not existed for thousands of years, and I could not recall them. When they reached King David, the reading of my lives became more exciting. I could hardly believe how great I apparently was in each life that followed. As they continued reading my lives, it seemed that what really counted was my motives and character, as I stood for outstanding peace and spirituality. I do not remember all the names, but I am included in almost all of the history books of the world from the beginning of time. As I incarnated in the different countries, I carried out my mission, which was peace and spirituality.

After about two hours, they finished reading the scrolls, and the Lord, Sai Baba, said that I had not completed the work that I was born to do, and He asked the Judge that I be turned over to Him to complete my mission of spreading the Truth; and he requested that my soul be returned to my body, under Baba’s Grace. The Judge said, ‘So be it.’ The case was dismissed and I left with Baba to return to my body. I hesitated to leave this wonderful bliss, but I knew it was best to complete my mission so that I could merge with the Lord, Sai Baba.

I related the story to Elsie at once, and she recorded it. I also talked it over with Baba, and He said it was not my imagination – it was a true experience. My life goes on now under the grace of Sai Baba, whom I adore and to whom I owe my life.’

-- Mr. Jack Hislop

(Source: The article is extracted from the book ‘Baba is God in Human Form’ by Mr. Prem Luthra – Serial No. 33.)