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Features | Experience of the Divinity of Bhagavan by Devotees | Group IV | Mr. J. Kameswara Rao

Mr. J. Kameswara Rao,
Berhempur - 760 009

Mr. Kameswar Rao (37), retired from the Army, relates a few of his experiences of the Divinity of Bhagavan in his own words.

'I used to attend bhajans in my childhood at our neighbour's house. All our family members have become devotees of Bhagavan due to the influence of bhajans. My parents visited Puttaparthi and had darshan of Bhagavan in 1989 though I could not go with them.

I came to Prasanthi Nilayam for the first time in 1996. I had darshan of Bhagavan from very close quarters at that time. Before coming to Puttaparthi, I asked my niece what she would like me to bring for her from Puttaparthi.

'Nothing', she replied, 'except Swami's vibhuti-prasad'.

So I kept a packet of vibhuti with me to get it blessed by Bhagavan and take it to her as prasad. I also wrote a letter to Bhagavan listing my personal problems. I held the letter and the packet in my hands during darshan. Swami was coming and going but was not taking the letter and was not blessing vibhuti either. It happened for three days consecutively. Though I was getting first line and Swami was walking right in front of me, He was not taking the letter.

'Swami', I prayed in my heart on the fourth day, 'I don't worry if you don't take my letter. I will tear it off. I won't send it by post even. But kindly bless the vibhuti packet for the sake of my niece!'

That day I got a seat in the fifth line. Swami came but did not pause before us. He went a few paces forward and stopped. He turned back as if He was looking for someone. I don't know how I managed it; but I was in His presence with the letter and vibhuti packet jumping over the people in all the four lines before me. Swami took the letter and blessed the vibhuti packet. He was kind enough to give me padanamaskar also. This was my first visit to Puttaparthi. My very first visit had a happy and miraculous end. On return, I could give my niece vibhuti-prasad blessed by Swami. All problems listed by me in my letter were also solved in due course.

Earlier in 1990, my father Mr. Bhaskara Rao met with an accident. His knee cap was fractured. Dr. Kailasa Rao, an orthopaedic and a devotee of Swami, performed the operation. My father went on chanting Sairam all the time. As he lay on the operation table, he saw Bhagavan in the light hanging above and felt that Swami was doing the surgery Himself. Needless to say, the surgery was successful. He was able to walk normally. Till today, he has had no problem with his legs.

In 1986, I had back-pain while I was still in service in the Army. At that time, I was transferred to the Punjab. I underwent the best possible treatment in Army hospitals, but there was no relief. One night I had a dream in which Bhagavan appeared and told me to go to a doctor in the local Gurudwara. Next day I went there. There was an Ayurveda doctor there. He gave me medicine with which my back pain disappeared completely.

My brother Dr. Nageswara Rao appeared for medical entrance test at Vijayawada, but could not get the necessary rank for admission into the M.B.B.S. He went to Prasanthi Nilayam and had darshan of Bhagavan. When he returned to Berhumpur, he received intimation of admission to the M.B.B.S., that too, a free seat in Orissa itself. Not only that, he could get a seat in the hostel also, which was very difficult to get at that time.

After completion of the M.B.B.S., he had to do rural service for one year compulsorily. Meanwhile, he applied for a seat in the M.S (General Surgery) of the C.B.S.C. and went to Prasanti Nilayam. He had darshan of Bhagavan and returned. He received admission in Cuttack itself. By joining the M.S., he was relieved of the obligation of doing rural service, which saved him a year. Later he applied for the M.Ch in Cardio Vascular Thorasic Surgery in Delhi & Mumbai. He went to Prasanthi Nilayam after writing the entrance as was his wont. He received intimation that he got admission at Mumbai while he was still at Puttaparthi.

All members of my family come for seva every year locking the house. Bhagavan takes care of us here, and our house there.

In February 2004, we were doing bhajan in our house. Vibhuti appeared as Aum on the face of Bhagavan in His Photograph. Vibuti also emanated from His abhayahasta. A white scar of vibhuti is still seen on the photograph.'

-- Mr. J. Kameswara Rao

(As narrated to Mr. B. Parvatala Rao at Prasanthi Nilayam on 26.08.2005)