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Features | Experience of the Divinity of Bhagavan by Devotees | Group IV | Mr. D.M. Dotiwala

Mr. D.M. Dotiwala,
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Satellite, Ahmedabad - 380 015.

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Mr. D.M. Dotiwala (74), who retired as a Sales Executive from the Tata Oil Mills (Pvt) Ltd, relates a few of his experiences of the Divinity of Bhagavan in his own words.

'We have been devotees of Shirdi Sai. Though we had been hearing about Sri Sathya Sai, we had not paid much attention to it.

My wife, Mrs. Parin D. Dotiwala had darshan of Sri Sathya Sai Baba at Brindavan and returned much impressed. She visited Prasanthi Nilayam with one of our family friends, Mrs. Peethavala and returned a devotee of Bhagavan. Under her influence, I, too, gravitated towards Bhagavan.

In the year, 1982-83, I sat for darshan at Brindavan. One devotee from overseas was sitting by my side. I noticed that he was weeping.

'What's the matter?' I asked.

'I came here seven days ago with a letter to Bhagavan explaining all problems we are facing', he told me, 'but Bhagavan did not take the letter. He did not even look at me. My return flight is booked for this evening. If Bhagavan does not take my letter, I have no hope left and will have to return to my land disappointed and depressed'.

Meanwhile, Bhagavan came along the darshan line. Swami did neither take the letter nor look at him even. He went and sat on His throne. Bhajan began and also ended after half-an-hour with arati. Bhagavan started to walk back along the darshan line to His abode. When He came to us, He paused and told the overseas devotee by my side, 'come in the evening'.

'Congrats', I said after Bhagavan had left, but my friend did not look elated.

'My flight is at 6 p.m.', he said, 'if I come for evening bhajan, I may miss it'.

'Forget about the flight', I counselled, 'this is more important. It is a chance of a lifetime. Who knows, the flight may get delayed?'

In the evening also, we sat side by side in darshan line.

Bhagavan came and proceeded to His throne. After the bhajan, He was returning to His abode. When He came to us He paused.

'What is your problem?' Bhagavan asked.

My friend held the letter up in his hand, keeping it on his palm flatly. Bhagavan put His palm on it covering the letter and began talking to the devotee. I used to hear that when Bhagavan speaks to anyone in darshan lines, no other person can listen to Him, even if one sits by the side of the person to whom Bhagavan speaks. I learnt by experience the truth of it that day. Even though I was sitting by his side, I could not follow what Bhagavan was telling him.

After a few minutes, Bhagavan left. But the letter was still there in the hand of my friend. However, he did not appear sunken for Bhagavan not taking the letter. On the other hand, he was elated.

'What did Bhagavan say?' I asked him.

'He did not take my letter, not even read it', my friend began, 'but He touched upon all the thirteen points I mentioned in my letter. Importantly, He mentioned the points in the same order in which I wrote them in my letter. It was amazing. And, He solved all my problems'.

'Then, hurry up', I told him, 'you may catch your flight. May be it is delayed today, who knows? Better take a chance'.

'I don't think I would catch the flight', he said, 'however I will take a chance as you said'.

Next morning I came for darshan and he was there again.

'What happened?' I asked, 'did you miss your flight?'

'I went to the airport and approached the check-in counter with my ticket', he told me, and 'the clerk seemed surprised and quietly returned the ticket'

'Am I late?' I asked, 'has the flight left?'

'The flight left all right, but you are not late', he said laughing at me, and 'you are 24 hours early. Your ticket is booked for tomorrow and not for today',

I was stunned. I was quite sure that my ticket had been booked for yesterday only. But, Bhagavan changed the date - not only on my ticket but on the entire online system of airline reservations across the world. He not only solved all my problems but also saved my ticket - not to speak of the most invaluable thing, the bonus darshan today'.

I was grateful to Bhagavan for allowing me to be a witness to this splendid leela of His.'

-- Mr. D.M. Dotiwala

(As narrated to Mr. B. Parvatala Rao at Prasanthi Nilayam on 28.06.2005)