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Features | Experience of the Divinity of Bhagavan by Devotees | Group IV | Mr. B.Satyanarayana

Mr. B.Satyanarayana,
Rtd Railway Employee,
D.No: 10/ 798, Sivanandanagar,
Sector - 2, P.O. WRS Colony,
Raipur - 492 008

Mr. B. Satyanarayana, a retired Railway employee, relates a few of his experiences of the Divinity of Bhagavan in his own words.

'I came to Prasanthi Nilayam in 1975 for the first time and had darshan of Bhagavan. I then stayed for 9 days. At that time the World Conference was being held here.

In July, 1994 I came again with my nephew Mr. V. Madhusudana Rao to get him checked up in the hospital. On August 8 he underwent kidney transplant without our having to spend even a pie in Swami's Super Specialties Hospital, Prasanthigram. After the transplant, they told us that he had to be given medication costing Rs. 12,000 per month. The hospital expressed its inability to provide the medication. We had a shock of our life time. How could we mobilize that huge amount? I wrote two letters to Swami. Then one day someone advised me to write to the Railway Minister. Our Divisional Railway Manager was angry that I had written to the Minister direct. But later on he cooled down and said that it would be difficult to get even Rs. 1000 from the Railways. But owing to the grace of Bhagavan the Railway Board sanctioned the entire amount to the surprise of all in our office including the DRM.

On Guru Poornima day in 2000, I had a small injury to my hand while breaking a coconut. Though I was meeting our Railway Doctor daily for some or other work, I did not care to broach this matter. I am a diabetic. One day there was swelling and pain when I had to tell him about my injury. At that time I enrolled to go to Prasanthi Nilayam for seva. He chided me for my negligence and said that the injury had become septic. `Cancel your trip to Puttaparthi' the doctor advised me, `if you don't get treatment immediately and properly, you might even lose your hand.' He then put a bandage and prescribed some medicines asking me to report daily for check-up and change of bandage.

'I enrolled for seva' I told him, 'I must go. Swami will take care of me'. All my family members were against my going for seva because of the seriousness of the injury, but I started on my journey. At Visakhapatnam, I got down and went to my sister's house. There I went to a doctor and got the bandage changed. When he removed the old bandage there was bleeding. The compounder who did the removal was shocked to see two cups of dark coloured blood coming out of the injured hand. The doctor then advised me to cancel the trip and get admitted in the hospital at once lest my hand be amputated owing to negligence. I thanked him for his advice and help and said 'I have to go. Swami will take care of me.' In the train, I met a doctor of the Mahatma Gandhi Hospital who was a M.D. He saw my hand and was shocked. He was going to Tirupati. In those days we had to go to Renigunta and then board another train to arrive at Dharmavaram to reach Puttaparthi. At Tirupati, he bandaged my hand and also bought some expensive medicine for me. He refused to take money.

I arrived at Prasanthi Nilayam. My group leader saw my hand and hesitated to give me seva. Finally I could persuade him to give me seva. I used to go to the General Hospital daily and get the bandage changed. The doctors there were certain that my hand would have to be amputated as soon as I get admitted in the hospital and were warning me of the adverse consequences of further negligence. I somehow managed to complete the period of seva by Swami's grace. In those days Swami used to give sevadal padanamaskar. I prayed to Swami two days prior to the completion of our seva period posing to Him my problem. 'How can I touch Your lotus-feet with the bandage, Swami!' I prayed, 'do something and get me out of this predicament'. Next day, I went to the hospital for change of bandage. They removed the bandage and were so surprised that they could not believe their eyes. 'Your hand has healed completely' they told me, 'you don't need a bandage hereafter.' Only two days before, the same people were apprehensive of the necessity to amputate my hand. It was a miracle. I thanked Swami for His compassion and kindness. Swami came along the darshan line of the sevadal on the last day of our seva and paused before me. I could have padanamaskar without any hesitation as He moved on beaming smiles.

I came for seva in August, 2004 along with my wife. 'I hear that they are performing here Veda Purusha Yajna for Dasara' my wife said one day, 'why not we stay on and see it?'

'Our seva will be over in a few days' I told her 'Dasara is two months away. Where do we stay? How do we manage for nearly two months here?'

She was insistent. I pleaded with the accommodation people. They expressed their inability. 'At the most, I can give the shed accommodation for a month', the official at the counter told me, 'not a day more than that.'

One day I attended a lecture by Mr. Venkatesh. At the end of the lecture, I followed him asking my doubts which he was kindly clarifying.

'How many days will you be staying here?' he asked me.

'I want to stay up to Dasara' I replied, 'but there is no chance of getting accommodation here and we can't afford to stay in a lodge or a hotel'.

'Don't worry' he said, 'I have keys of an apartment outside. The owner is not coming for Dasara. You can stay there'. He gave me the keys. I thought that Swami made this arrangement through him. It is a spacious and comfortable apartment. We stayed up to Dasara happily there and could attend the yajna.

We returned the keys to Mr. Venkatesh on the day of our departure thanking him profusely for the help.

'I have not done anything' he replied, 'thank the owner and Swami'

'Swami!' we prayed to Him, 'how can we thank you adequately? You have arranged an excellent place for our stay and enabled us witness the yajna, staying in Vaikuntham all along.'

-- Mr. B.Satyanarayana

(As narrated to Mr. B. Parvatala Rao at Prasanthi Nilayam on 09.09.2005)