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Features | Experience of the Divinity of Bhagavan | Group VII | Late Mrs. Sakamma

Late Mrs. Sakamma,
Sowkarpet, Coorg,

         Late Mrs. Sakamma was one of the most well-known devotees of Bhagavan since His declaration of Avatar. She owned coffee plantations in Coorg District and was very rich. She was considered a very intimate devotee of Bhagavan with innumerable experiences of the Divinity of Bhagavan. The following is an extract from the book 'Swamy Saranam' by Mr. E.U.Madhavan of one experience of Sakamma recorded therein.

'Sakamma, one of Bala Sai's devotees, lived in Sowcarpet in Coorg where she owned coffee plantations. This is the story of her first encounter with Bala Sai: One morning, Sakamma was performing her morning pooja, when she heard a car drive into the porch. She was not expecting any visitors at that time, and wondering who could have come at that hour, she went to open the door. Sakamma could not recognize the car-it was a vintage car with an unusual nameplate, which read 'Kailas Committee.' Seated inside was a curious pair; the driver was a young boy of about seventeen years, and alongside him sat a venerable elderly sage, with an aura of divine radiance about him. Sakamma received them at the door, and seated them comfortably in the drawing room. The saintly personage informed Sakamma that she had been enrolled as a member of the 'Kailas Committee', and handed her some papers on which she was told to put her signature. He also told her that she would have to pay Rs. 1,000 towards the membership fee. After putting her signature, she was preparing to pay the money, but the saint waived the offer and told her that the money would be collected from her later on.

The saint and the young boy then bid farewell to her, and got into the car. Even as Sakamma looked on, the car vanished into thin air. Her strange visitors, and equally their strange departure bewildered Sakamma. In the first place, how had the car driven into the portico without the watchman opening the gate? It was only much later that Sakamma came to understand that this was a Divine drama played out and enacted by Bala Sai, the handsome young lad who had driven the car.

-- Late Mrs. Sakamma

         (Extracted from the book Swamy Saranam by Mr. E.U. Madhavan, resident of Prasanthi Nilayam)