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Features | Experience of the Divinity of Bhagavan by Devotees | Group III | Dr. T. Vytautas

Dr. T. Vytautas
Filaretu 85 / 30-6, VILNIUS
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Dr. T. Vytautas (39), Doctor of Human Sciences from Lithuania, relates a few of his experiences of the Divinity of Bhagavan in his own words.

'I came to Prasanthi Nilayam in June 1995 for the first time. Swami called a group of Russians and a few others for interview on July 11. I was also included in the group by Swami's grace.

At the entrance to the interview room, Swami stood and received each of us with a smile and wave of His hand showing us in as a model host. As I was entering, Swami caught hold of my hand and asked, 'what is it?' 'A ring, Swami', I replied. 'A ring!' Swami grimaced out of dissatisfaction and let me go. After all of us were seated, Swami materialised vibhuti with a wave of His hand and gave to all ladies present.

He opened His palm and put it on His chest and drew it down. An idol of Lord Vinayaka appeared in His palm. Vinayaka seemed to be amidst flames but untouched by them. 'It is good to worship Vinayaka to ward off obstacles', Swami said and gave the idol to an Indian lady, adding, 'worship it'.

Next, He drew His palm again on His gown and produced a silver casket full of vibhuti. He presented it to the group of gentlemen from India.

Earlier, he waved His hand curiously and caught hold of something in the air. Down came a golden chain with a pendant studded with a large pearl and several diamonds in a particular design hanging from His fist. He gave it to a lady from our country. Later, some Japanese saw it and remarked, 'This is the symbol of Japan'.

Swami came to me and said, 'change the ring?' 'Sure, I want your ring, Swami!' I replied happily. Was it a wrong answer?

'All rings in the world are mine', Swami said and laughed. He, however, made no attempt to change my ring.

As Swami was talking to some in the group in the antechamber, I was doing namasmarana of Jesus Christ intensely. Just then, Swami parted the door curtains of the antechamber with His hand, emerged out of the antechamber and came straight to me. I was flabbergasted at the way Swami answered my prayer to Jesus Christ.

He took out my ring. It was a cheap ring with the photograph of Swami on it. It was loose on my finger. 'See, see, see.' Swami showed it to some in the group. It was sent round and then collected by Swami. 'What type of ring do you want?' Swami asked me.

'You know better, Swami!' was all I thought. I made no reply.

Then Swami held my ring in His hand a little away from His mouth and blew at it once. It turned into a golden ring with a precious stone studded in it. He then tried to fix it on my finger, but it did not pass the joint. After trying it a couple of times He left it to me to put it on my finger. The ring fitted well as if it was made to order after I slowly passed it over the joint.

He then asked one Russian gentleman, 'what is your profession?'

'I am a scientist in Electronics', he replied.

'What, what, what?' Swami asked.

'Physics', he said.

'Physics deals with phenomenal world. It is only half knowledge. Veda is full knowledge. It includes all. I can do everything. I am Veda Purusha' Swami said. He then turned to a Russian young man.

'You have a doubt', Swami told him, 'if it was I that came into your dream. Yes. It is I that came into your dream. Be sure it is Me. Are you married, by the way? Or, shall I find you a wife?'

'No, Swami!' the young man replied, 'I am married'. All of us had a hearty laugh.

'Next time you bring your wife also', Swami told him.

He was one of those that were called for a private audition into the antechamber.

'What did happen in that room?' I asked the youth later.

'Swami put His nose on mine and rubbed it this way and that for a few seconds as if it was child's play' the youth told me, 'it is secret. I cannot divulge further.'

Swami told us all, 'understand that I am not this body. I do not belong to the physical world. I am a spiritual being. I am all pervading presence. I will be with you, beside you, behind you and in front of you, and protecting you.'

Swami gave us all vibhuti packets as we left the room.

Long before I saw Swami in July 1995 in His physical form, I had a taste of His miracle back home. Our teacher in Vilnius gave me one day in 1984 a photograph of Bhagavan. He pasted it on a small wooden piece and presented it to me after briefing me on Sri Sathya Sai Baba, His life, message and miracles. I held it nearer my face when I felt a fine fragrance emanating from it. It was a mixture of sandal and floral essences.

'Did you put any scent on the photograph?' I asked my teacher.

'Oh! No!' He replied, 'I don't know how the perfume came there'.

In 1984, I put that photograph before me and was talking to it as if Baba was in front of me. Suddenly I felt a warm and loving hug as if some lady like mother hugged me with intense affection and love.

In 1999, I came to Prasanthi Nilayam. One night I had a dream in which Shirdi Sai appeared and transformed into a roaring lion about to attack. It later turned into Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba who told me that one of the persons I have known well was going to commit suicide. 'It is bad', Swami told me in my dream, and 'so she would be born as a cat'.

'No, Swami', I prayed to Him intensely, 'pray don't let it happen'.

Then I woke up when I heard a shriek from a lady in the nearby ladies shed.

I went there. A scorpion bit two ladies there. I helped to take them to the hospital. The doctors attended on them and assured that no harm would come to them, as the scorpion was not a dangerous one.

In the same year, a lady called Mrs. Ona came to me and said, 'pray for me. I need Swami'.

I then put the ring Swami gave me to her forehead allowing the stone in the ring touch her face. After a month she came to me again. 'I am a cancer patient suffering a lot', she told me, 'I went to the doctor after you prayed for me keeping your ring on my forehead. My doctor told me that I recovered from cancer completely. I thank you.'

'Thank, Swami', I told her and felt immense joy that Swami allowed me to act as His instrument to help and serve others.

In 2002, I came to Prasanthi Nilayam for Shivarathri. A few days before the festival, a plump lady began to cry that her heart was thumping rapidly. I took her to the doctor.

'What medicines are you using?' the doctor asked her.

'I forgot them in the room', she replied, 'I don't remember the names. I will die. Oh! My Lord!' she began to cry. I went out and got some Ayurvedic medicine but her heartbeat did not return to normalcy. I took some water and poured on the stone of my ring that Swami gave me. I collected that water and gave her as teertham. Next day she told me that she was better relieved of her cardiac throb and felt happy.

In 1999, I went to a forest along with a lady near Vilnius. There a small insect bit her. If a red patch appears on the skin where the insect bit, it is considered infectious and may cause brain fever. It could be fatal. I went to my house, collected vibhuti and prayed for her intensely. I recited ashtottara sata namas of Bhagavan and returned to her with vibhuti. She was talking to me and, suddenly, turned towards the place where the insect bit her. To the surprise of both of us, we saw a cross, imprinted on the patch on her skin.

As I was praying to Swami, the cross gradually disappeared. I applied vibhuti and put a pinch of it in her mouth. She went to a doctor who brushed it off as a minor affair and not a dangerous one. She, being a Christian, felt reassured on seeing a cross that appeared miraculously at the affected part of the skin.

Once in July 2004, I had a dream. In it Swami appeared with the face of Hanuman. He was of muscular build sporting the attire of an aboriginal of Australia. We went in search of Him. 'He appears now and after a few seconds disappears. He then reappears.' Like that he gave us darshan in the dream.

In 2004, I had another dream. Swami and I were walking along. Swami was wearing His sandals. By mistake I tread on it, and the sandal was broken. I felt sorry and began to cry. I also offered to get new pair of sandals for Swami. But Swami politely declined my offers in the dream. He then walked along. After going some distance, He suddenly turned back. He gave me smilingly a wave of His hand by way of blessing. Earlier to this incident, I had information about the fall of Swami and the surgery He underwent. I was wondering why this happened to Bhagavan. Perhaps this dream may have been an answer to my doubt.

I do not remember the year but I had a dream one day in which Swami appeared. I went towards Him in the dream carrying a coconut, which I offered to Him. He gave me padanamaskar and blessed me. He then told me, 'you are all born out of the earth. I am from the skies'. The dream ended.'

-- Dr. Vytautas

(As narrated to Mr. B. Parvatala Rao at Prasanthi Nilayam on 16.03.2005.)