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Features | Experience of the Divinity of Bhagavan by Devotees | Group VII | Dr. Kameswari

Dr. Kameswari,
Sri Sathya Sai General Hospital,
Prasanthi Nilayam.

      Dr. Kameswari, a senior gynaecologist at Hyderabad, and an ardent devotee of Bhagavan, has come to stay at Prasanthi Nilayam and work in Sri Sathya Sai General Hospital, on the direction of Bhagavan. She records a few of her experiences in an article published in Arogyapradayini, the Golden Jubilee publication of Sri Sathya Sai General Hospital, Prasanthi Nilayam released in August 2006.

'I have been a devotee of Sri Shirdi Sai Baba since 1957. When I was working at Kurnool Medical College, I was a regular visitor to His temple on the Tungabhadra river bank. The statue of Baba there is a fascinating one, similar to the one at Shirdi. The compassionate eyes look at us, penetrating deep into our hearts. Sri Sathya Sai Baba was not much known in Kurnool then. Later, I knew Him through His devotees at Hyderabad. I first saw Him at Sri Burgula Ramakrishna Rao's residence (then Chief Minister of Hyderabad State). I used to hear of His miracles from several devotees. Whenever Swami came to Hyderabad, I had His darshan, either at Sivam or at other devotees' homes.

My first visit to Puttaparthi was in 1963, when I came with my husband for His blessings. He blessed us and talked to my husband in Kannada (he was a Kannadiga). Two years later, we visited Puttaparthi again for His darshan and blessings in our new Chevy car. We had to stay under the trees. Accommodation was a real problem. Since then, I had been attending medical camps at Prasanthi Nilayam during various functions. These were organised by Dr. A Bapiraju, the then Convener of Medical Camps. I used to stay with some devotees, who would kindly offer me shelter and bath facilities. It was a pleasure to see Swami inaugurate every medical camp, blessing all the doctors and paramedical staff with padanamaskar and gifts like saris, etc. It gave a great feeling of happiness and satisfaction serving in the medical camps.

Swami used to enquire about our health periodically. After retirement in 1977, I came to have His darshan frequently. I requested Him to permit me to work in His hospital. He said 'not now. I will call you'. He gave me a ring with a picture of Shirdi Sai Baba, which I still have. Once I misplaced the ring and I came rushing to Him to tell Him about its loss. He just told me 'It is there in the some place'. On my return, to my pleasant surprise, I found it in the same place where I had searched earlier, but had failed to find it. Every year, I used to renew my request for service at His hospital. The reply was the same. My parents were old and depended much on my moral support. That might have been the reason for Swami to ask mo to wait.

In 1993, my husband had heart attack. Angiograms done showed 1 or 2 vessel blocks. I rushed to Swami, who was then at Ooty. He cam out to me and asked me why I had come. When I told Him my problem, He called my friend and me for an interview. He spoke about heart attacks, and told me that my husband did not need surgery. When I returned from Ooty, I found out that my husband had already consulted a cardiologist at Ruby Hospital, Pune, and he had been advised angioplasty. I did not want to have any procedure done without Swami's permission. I went to Whitefield immediately. I requested Dr. C. Rajeswari (my colleague & friend), who was a gynaecologist at Bhagavan's General Hospital, Whitefield, to let me stand behind her at the Brindavan gate, from where Swami would come out for darshan. I told her that I would not talk unless Swami spoke or recognized me. Indeed, He did recognise me, and asked me what brought me again. I told Him about the angioplasty for my husband. He mentioned 'they will blow a balloon into the artery, if it is alright, get it done'. I was very grateful to Him for His mercy and had the procedure done. He did well.

In October 1996 I lost my mother; my father had died earlier. We came to Swami for darshan and for the medical camp held for His birthday. My husband was happy to come with me as we had a room permanently allotted to us in 1986 in Prasanthi Nilayam. Just a day or two after His Birthday, I was seated in the first line. As Swami was passing along, I requested Him once again to permit me to serve in His hospital. I could not believe my ears, when He said I could. I went at once to the then Superintendent Dr. Bhagawat, and gave a letter reporting for duty. I met Mr. Chiranjeevi Rao, who then told me that Swami mentioned that I should not talk too much. Since then, I have tried to follow His advice. I joined the SSSGH in the last week of November 1996 as a consultant gynaecologist. My husband was a great devotee of Sri Raghavendra Swami of Mantralayam, and he had great respect for Swami as a Mahapurusha doing yeoman service to humanity. Since we could commute to and from Hyderabad, he felt comfortable to stay on at Prasanthi Nilayam.

On the 1st January 1997, he had fever with a small area of infection on his left foot. With antibiotic treatment, he felt well. On the 3rd January, he was returning from the evening bhajan (which he used to attend regularly). On the way, in front of the South Block, he fell down with chest pain. Sevadal volunteers found him cold & sweating. He was conscious, and told them the number of our flat. He was taken there. I returned to our home a little later after some errands, and found him cold and sweating profusely. Immediately, we moved him to the Super Speciality Hospital ICCU ward. Necessary treatment was started. His BP and ECG were fluctuating all night. On the morning of the 4th January, it looked as if he had stabilized. He had a light breakfast, and talked to the matron. At 1 p.m., he suddenly became short of breath. He reached Swami's Lotus Feet at 3 p.m. that day. I felt very lonely suddenly, but people came over to help me. Swami made all the funeral arrangements.

The day after the funeral I sat for darshan, as usual. Swami came to me, and said that He would talk to me the next day. He called us for an interview the next day and said 'life is like a water bubble. It has to go; he did his duty in his life'. I asked Swami 'what should I do now?' He said 'go to Hyderabad, settle your affairs, and then continue to work in the hospital'. He blessed me with a gold chain, which is still giving me all the necessary physical, mental and spiritual strength needed to serve at His Lotus Feet. As I was leaving the interview room I thought of Narayanaseva on the tenth day. Swami anticipated this thought by saying that He Himself would arrange Narayanaseva. That was a very pleasant surprise.

Recently, my sister at Pune, who is a devotee of Bhagavan, was given rebirth after acute renal failure and cardiac arrest. Swami rescued her from the jaws of death with His Merciful Love and Blessings. She is 76 years old with diabetes and high blood pressure. She was admitted to the hospital with sudden weakness, delirium, and lowered urinary output. She was diagnosed to have acute renal failure. She was given i.v. fluids, but dialysis could not be done, as her cardiac function was very poor. All through her delirious state, she was seen conversing with Lord Sairam as if He was by her bedside. Five days later, she had cardiac arrest but she was successfully resuscitated. She was on a ventilator for several days. We did not have much hope of her survival. But we prayed to Swami. Two weeks after admission, she started improving, became conscious and started talking coherently. She continued to improve. At the end of three weeks, she was discharged; it was truly a miracle. It is Lord Sai who has blessed her with rebirth. We are deeply grateful to Bhagavan for His mercy and grace.'

-- Dr. Kameswari

(Extracted from Arogyapradayini, the Golden Jubilee Commemorative volume of the General Hospital, Prasanthi Nilayam released in August 2006)